ARTIST(s): Tony Yayo 
SONG TITLE: Love My Style 
ALBUM: Thoughts of a Predicate Felon 
Shit is toxic nigga...
These hoes don't love me they love my Benz
Love my rims, love my style
These fiends don't love me they love my coke
Love my dope, love my (?)
These haters don't love me it don't matter to me
I stay hater free, 'cause I'm a down ass G
'Cause if it don't make dollars then it don't make sense
If it don't make dollars then it don't make sense
(Here we go now now!!)
I'm floodin' ya town dog, wit Mexican brown dope
I'm signed to Interscope, a gram's a c note
That's 500, hopefully, add to a kilo
I'd rather be rich, than a snitch nigga out po'
I cracked my zipper stash, dro mixed wit honey hash
My bitch from D-R, used to twist wit da biggest ass
Movin my work, just put some (?) in her skirt
Her pussy loose but she complained that it hurt (break it down)
Ice skatin on ice, got these crack heads scrapin the pipe
Late at night 'cause we shakin the dice
Runnin from FED's like I had, Jerry Rice legs
But the dope in the rice come from pocket plant eggs (yeah)
It's the top shotta, that rock Prada
That rhyme propa, in high school I had packs in my gym locka
Locka locka locka locka locka locka locka
(Break it down now!!)
(Here we go!!)
I'm a sneaker addict, gun fanatic
That live lavished, wit more karats than bunny rabbits
I play the Mariott Courtyard, groupies is lurkin
And them niggaz with no pussy is hallway searchin
Y'all niggaz handcuff hoes like, female cops
I got my wrist all froze in the, CL drop (cmon)
Hey yo Em drink Malibu, Dre drink Henny
Banks drink Bailey's and Buck drink Remi (yeah)
I'm on a 7 o'clock flight, still smellin musty
Leavin Barcelona out some Argentina pussy
Leer jets G Unit stunts it ain't nuttin
Wit million dollar deals cause our fans theyre hustlin (what up)
I stay stuntin, man my block stay pumpin
Fifty eight fifty eighths, got my cell phone jumpin
It'ts T-O-N-Y the talk of New York
Blowin dro in the six on the way to court come on (come on)
You in the CBA I'm in the NBA
It's the rap T-Mac, I stay with a gat
Click clack I sit back, my soldiers attack
Your rhymes is fiction, homie I'm dealin with fact
Keep my car out the sun so the paint won't fade
And if my jewels don't shine, its time to upgrade (yeah)
Im'a ball 'til I fall, you niggaz can't ruin me
For platinum plaques, you know that wall jewelry
Y'all love my style, hoes scream my name
It's Tony Yayo, a cash cow in the game
See niggaz wanna kill me like, Sydney in Scream (bring it)
But I pack a mack milli, with an infra-red beam
Hey yo I'm more deadly, than Freddy in a dream
And my chain so heavy, it hurt my spine to my spleen (uh huh)
You front on my team, my niggaz'll finish you
Automatic tray pounds'll fuckin diminish you (bring it all day)