ARTIST(s):        Notorious B.I.G. f/ Krayzie Bone, Twista
SONG TITLE:     Spit Your Game
ALBUM:             Duets: The Final Chapter
BY:                     HitEmUpRobbo

(No-torious...) Spit your game, talk your shit
Grab your gat...call your click
{Swizzie}(Yall ready?)
{Where Brooklyn at? Hey, King of New York and that G Twista, Bone...}
Squeeze your clip, hit the right one
Pass that shit, I got to light one
Spit your game, talk your shit
Grab your gat, call your click
Squeeze your clip, hit the right one
Pass that weed I gotsta light one (Go....C'mon)
[Notorious B.I.G.]
Armed and dangerous, ain't too many can bang with us
Straight up weed no angel dust, label us Notorious
Thug ass niggaz that love to bust, it's strange to us
Y'all niggaz be scramblin, gamblin
Up in restaurants with mandolins, and violins
We just sittin here tryin to win, tryin not to sin
High off weed and lots of gin
So much smoke need oxygen, steadily countin them Benjamins
Nigga you should too, if you knew What this game'll do to you
Been in this shit since ninety-two
Look at all the bullshit I been through
So-called beef with you know who
Fuck a few female stars or two
Nigga, blue light, nigga, move like Mike, shit
not to be fucked with Motherfucker better duck quick, cause
Me and my dogs love to buck shit
Fuck the luck shit, strictly aim
No aspirations to quit the game
Spit yo' game, talk yo' shit
Grab yo' gat, call yo' click
Squeeze yo' clip, hit the right one
Pass that weed, I got to light one
All them niggaz I got ta fight one
All them hoes I got ta like one
Our situation is a tight one
Whatcha gonna do, fight or run?
[Twista] + (Swizz Beatz)
(Ladies and Gentlemen, Twista)
Makin money, livin marvelous
In God we trust
Don't too many niggaz wanna start with us
Got big guns in the cars with us
Bust at any mothafucka actin hard with us
They really wanna show you wit a G.I.B
I'd rather be sippin Remy in V.I.P
We can hear the music and that'll be by me
Twista with the legendary nigga B.I.G
Brooklyn to K-Town, when you checkin out the flow
you know it's gon' reign with persistence
Two legends on the same track, two different planes of existence
Let's get it crackin, I love to bust flows
Hit it from the back cause I love to fuck hoe
Do it for the city, I love Chicago
Calico's bumpin, I love to bust dough
You think you could spit on the mic
like you Biggie and flow just as steady as I
Shit, it's real, you know you love em, you ain't got Ready To Die
Life After Death, give it to you however you want it nigga
Got it, they got ya, give it to you, however you want it nigga
Cause the shit it get deep
So I carry big heat
Screamin "Come and get me"
Twista and Biggie on the Swizz Beat (Swizzie)
Free mils, I love to make one
All these cars, I love to ride one
All these hoes, I love to cut one
A tribute to Big, I love to bust one
[Krayzie Bone] + {Swizz Beatz}
{Them Bone boys is back! Them Bone boys is back! Lets go}
In the middle of the hour
bring niggaz more drama then they baby mamma's
Nigga wanna battle, well I'll bomb ya
One man, but attack like a pack of piranhas Like terra-cotta
Niggaz always ready for the war
But they really don't wanna see a nigga though
We can do em in a minute
then we finish wit em
hit em wit the feelin of a nigga wit a sick ass flow
Doin it wit Swizz, oh no
You niggaz is in some tro-o-uble
Somebody better call po-po
It's gonna be murder when I get to servin em verbally (Yea...)
Nigga yall heard of me, wig splitta, killa nigga word to me
And I'm classic, like Bird and Magic
wit a tactic to snatch it, strap back and stack some platinum
Double on the mag random
With the bullets I brand em
Finna hold the game ransom
Runnin up in your mansion, catch the man and flashin cannons {Let's go}
Niggaz ain't ready for this one cause I'm on a mission to get even better believe it
I'm heavily heated It's easy to see me
if you want to see me, let that be the reason {C'mon...B.I.G.}
[Outro: Swizz Beatz] + (Krayzie Bone
{No-torious...} You just heard the sounds of the King of New York
B.I.G. (B.I.G.). There's only one crown...