ARTIST(s):      Bone Thugs n Harmony
SONG TITLE:   Put Yo Hands Up
ALBUM:            Bone 4 Life
Ha ha ha... And you though it was over because one motherfucker fell off?
Shit, when it comes to Flesh, Wish, Krayzie and Layzie it's Bone 4 Life motherfucker!
-Thin C-(Layzie Bone)-Chorus-
Tired of bein out here strugglin' (Tired of bein out here strugglin)
Tired mind on bustin' them... (Tired mind on bustin' them)
Feds is out here on a roll (Feds is out here on a roll)
And they want to get me, Lord no! (And they want to get me, Lord no!)
Now, put them hands up, don't you put 'em down
Bone's in the place/ Dog, we about to clown
Listen up close, so you can hear it now
Where the Henny at? Nigga, fuckin' smoke a pound
-Layzie Bone-
Nigga wanna ride with a nigga from the East 99
In the city where the streets are mine
Where the hustla'z stay on the grind all the time, it's designed for the warriors and rebels to win
Where pussy's we faced don't get it, we hustle and scramble, this life is a gamble
How much can you handle, for real? Feelin' pain over pressure like breakin' them chains when they holdin' you back
For Malcolm and Martin, we bustin', not marchin'
Put 'em up high, where the soldiers at?
Niggas know I'm strapped, how I'm 'posed to act?
When I needed them shoes, yeah, I sold the crack
We toast to that, I did the most of that
Society left me exposed to that
When the shit get this, see the real stand up
Give a damn about a nigga that won't man-up
Layzie, Krayzie, Big Wish and Flesh; Bone Thugs, yeah nigga, that's us
Who got a problem with that? You used our style; Give it back
See you at tha' crossroads; We glad you milder than that
Ya'll thinkin' these fans is fical; But believe they know who original
These niggas is soft as tissue, and I'm willing to get in your ghetto
Niggas slangin' these rhymes like weight, hot off the press; Watch Lay get paid
Move nigga! Better get out the way
Go for yours, nigga, make my day
-Krayzie Bone-
I was sittin' back chillin' one day, just kickin' it, listenin' to the radio (Radio)
Had to stop and turn it up a little mo' cause I swore a nigga heard Layzie flow
So I turned it up and lit my burner up, but oh no (Fuck) to my surprise it was some other niggas flippin' they tongue
And they remind' me of Bone the way they harmonize
Motherfucker, don't act like my niggas, ain't that tight and niggas ain't swingin' on my nuts
Kickin' it in the cut, tryin' to get with the original thug nigga; We know they want to sing it like us
This the last time I'm a say "Stay off my dick." Bitch, I'm the greatest
I don't lie, that's the end of that now
All these MC's thinkin' they high, thugged out, but really they not
I'm finna come and get up in your spot and knock that ass out cause ya'll stay hoes
When ever a nigga thinkin' they own the thrown
They think they can't be defeated/ C'mon, I'll show you Bone
Hit a nigga with a lyric that'll send ya on
They tryin' to hate on my skills, stop me from payin' my bills
They takin' food from my kids, that's why I flip, flip
So remember, stay off the dick cause ya'll don't flatter me no mo'
And I get with any one of you niggas tonight on the mic
Bet dough, nigga
Let's go, let's go
-Wish Bone-
Put the end to these hoes
Face to face, they kickin' down niggas doors
You ain't gotta tell 'em nothin' they know
Fuck that
They admit that them Bone niggas is raw
Let a nigga get in the way of these ends
Gotta show a nigga something, let a nigga know something, gotta hold somethin
Oh no, no I ain't got it
Been off the scene, but we back to flow
It's me! Oh my God! Ain't changed a thang but my diamond ring, and yes, I'm still a thug
Only bustin' over serious things; Family first, my money, man
Test that, laid flat right there and that's that
Better attack from the back
If a bitch talkin' shit then the pussy get smacked
If it goes down then it goes down and we gettin' boss, that's a wrap
Hummin' thangs, gotta get'cha man
Run away, got good aim
Better watch that mouth; Get'cha in what 'cha can't get out
Won't be found
Better show the Bone love
When you see us better throw them twos up
If you act right we'll love ya, just respect us, we'll cut ya
Believe me, you'll see it, just give thugs that reason
Set it off, get it off
Fuck ya'll, ya'll