ARTIST(s):      Bone Thugs n Harmony
SONG TITLE:   Wrong Vs. Right
ALBUM:            Bone 4 Life
Somethin that make you do wrong, make you do right...
-Layzie Bone-
Nigga from the cradle to the grave
You gotta hustle to get paid
I'm so thuggish in my ways, I usually go hard for days
I ain't no slow down, I speed up
And mash on your section
Ain't no time to kick your feet up, I passed the erection
They told me life is like a pussy, you play and you get fucked
I'm here mindin my own business, niggas pressin they luck
And I'm like, stuck in the middle
Of a rock and a hard place
Makin my money rappin and I won't stop til the song laced
Movin by the Lord's Grace
Tryna win a long race, get up in a wrong place
On any given day nigga
-Krayzie Bone-Chorus-
(It's like a jungle sometimes, it make me wonder) Somethin that make you do wrong, make you do right....
-Krayzie Bone-
My rent ain't payed, my shit ain't straight;
I'm ready to flip, I'm goin' insane because my kids ain't ate
They lookin' at Daddy, askin' why ain't no food on they plate
Tryin' to have faith, but I don't know how much more I can take before I risk it all
Forget the law, get in my car
Head to the local liquor store, I stick 'em up
Fuck all ya'll
Somebody got to explain to me how I'm workin' the nine to five and we still can't get the thangs we need
My anger leads to me pullin' a double barrel, barrel shot gun "Bitch, give everythang to me"
-Wish Bone-
Hit 'em hard indeed, Momma, who you can see
Fuck the law, niggas draw
Yeah, but who gon' bleed
In the middle of this; Fuck bitch, get in the trunk
I provide whatever you really want, less you get jumped
Granny said "Slow down, son.
You really got somethin and you need to stick around" (Stick around)
But I hustle, cause they got dough and my minds' blown
I'm a stick up kid, better watch in your rearview
Cause they got issues, fuck around and they will miss you
Hurt enough, been fuckin' it up
Lucky if I miss you