ARTIST(s):      Bone Thugs n Harmony
SONG TITLE:   Hustla
ALBUM:            Bone 4 Life
-Krayzie Bone-Chorus-
I'm just a hustla, hustla... Yeah
-Krayzie Bone-
Now I jump up outta my bed at 11:30 in the mornin'
Gotta twist me up a swisha filled with Killa California
Nigga got that mornin' buzz, nigga feel that mornin love
After I watch my nutsac, get dressed, and yes, I'm thugged out, baby
And I hit up the block just doin' my everyday thang/ I sell me a couple of rocks
If you need it, I got it
My nigga, come see Kray
In the back of the alley, nigga get at me, dirty Khaki's on
I might look tacky yo' but nigga my paper stack is swoll
My Mac attack is cold, gangsta wit it, bitches respect it
In the hood I'm doin' the Techin'
Do the connectin' then the collectin'
When the sun starts settin' I'm the one ya'll better be watchin' cause nigga, I come on your block and go in your pockets and rob ya ass
Stick a barrel in your mouth, now slob the mag
Nigga, drop the cash
Just to let you bitches I know how to kick it
It's almost midnight, I made a killin' from the fiends
And I been here since sun up, it's time to retire the scene
I got to the corner store to get me a forty of O' Dog
I seen some unfamiliar niggas infront of the store I don't know (Don't know...)
And I'm knowin' they up to no good cause niggas got they hoods on
Hold on, Let me get my nigga Lay on the phone, on the phone
-Krayzie Bone-(Layzie Bone)-
What up? This' Kray.
(Kray, what's happenin?)
I'm at the motherfuckin' coldest store man. There's some niggas around this motherfucker I ain't never seen before, that have a nigga feelin' kinda funny.
(Them niggas, what?) You need to roll up here with the heat cause this shit about to pop off.
(I'm coming around the corner now.)
-Layzie Bone-
Now I got my pistols locked and loaded, ready to bust on the crowd
88 my Chevy to the curb, look, niggas come fuck with us now
Jumped outta the rolla, I busted the air real quick
And I figured I'd show these little niggas who they fuckin' with, they hoes
Now here come my nigga bailin' with forty in hand
Man, them niggas didn't want to problems, when they seen me they ran; They bitches
My nigga been out all day collectin' his chips, and we ain't toleratin' no stick ups
Nigga, I empty the clip
I'm ready to flip on any nigga that's out here like they want something
Took Big Krayzie to the crib after he let me hold something, yeah
Nigga got a couple dollars, and I'm out here tryin' to kick it
I'm feelin' high and twisted, let me pay my bitch a visit
Knock on the door (Who is it?) It's me, now open up
See, a niggas was missin' you baby and I want to show you somethin
Came in and laid the pipe, baby girl, you made my night
But I'm back to the block in my hustle mode to the early light