ARTIST(s):      Flesh n Bone
SONG TITLE:   Havin' a Ball
ALBUM:            5th Dog Let Loose
Uhh, Huhh, Uhh, Huhh, Uhh, Huhh,  Uhh, Huhh, Yeah
[Chorus 4x]
Cleveland better believe in we stay thieveing
Neverly sieving ur
Flesh-n-Bone's better Mo' Thug not   havin' a ball
[Verse 1: Flesh-N-Bone]
Walking on, on the side frustrated my mask
Poppin' up my clips off, when I then looked up and saw
All the police men chasing me now, they coming in, fuck the law
Y'all nigga 5th dawg run still slip with the witness
See the niggaz filled with psycho parts of a maniac
Who feel run, hover like eternal steel
Peelin' them ass off the ground, put them in a body bag
Now, I am that I am, The I am, the doctor of the C-town
Cleveland betta' believe in we stay thievin', neverly sieving
Hammer but trieving, But see, with reason
Even peelin' to their ear-drum bleeding, pipping you talk shit
When I pop off this heat, then I'ma fix it
Betta' go get tricks 4 your guilts, cause I'm explicit
All my flavours makes say this thang pop
To pack to the green side, No noop on the hill, They got kurupt
Listen and every-one got, so pop shit keeps his ass on my
Heavenly nigga but nigga' that's getting' you fools
And not to abuse, I pick up my dues, the jews
They used to cause you damage, let off my u--- zzi
Kind of but let this silence my man, kind of vault slag the movie
Now who's the one drink- then the remy?
Pour some G-thug-G (chill)
[Verse 2: Flesh?n?Bone]
Yeah, East '99' Eternal thugsta'
How many time they come and kick pick this shit
So weaken it off ground
Hangin' You good thug level, straight off the top
You betta' be given no hand, finna get down and swing I'm doin' my thang
No pain, No pain, No pain, No fame, fuck the fame
Gimme that green, all that-that makes me holla
When I collect with that fat chin, get it back on cheque
Quick, be, flesh flash back to decision, finna get started
Gotta drop peace to my city, lovin' my city, "tha land of the heartless"
Don't squash shit, living the evils to try some shit
Then you get direct up if I pulled, slayed so many swisha
Waggin' nigga' nay's neck for mine
All you playa' hatas collect your papers  when I kitchen now
Oohhh, when I do keep my ready due suite, street sleep y'all cool
If I have to take this thugsta' thinkin' I' m still the man
Buggin' this niggaz hand, and the captain's hand
??  ??   ??   ??   ??   ??   ??   ??   ??   ??   ??
Me eternity never stay hardcore
Then the coast got to keep, pip real, I gotta pop my steel
Then if I picture clack-back, it burst, my will
[Verse 3: Flesh-n-Bone]
And I work like a bulldozer
Tha reason I grind, but I crept and I came, easily tamed
Because they thought it can hang now, beat'em up bats-n-chain
Nigga my name remain insane whenever I'm havin' a ball
Cleveland we stay thieving, even if I couldn't come to your town
Y' all get with the 5th dawg. Just let me know what you requestin'
Idle mind put off the thrift, back in the days gotta rap
When I sold drop-top, Hitherto fish out what you need
Karti suits, stockin' it out the boot, no skullies, no braces, no magnum
Pack all that two thugs, over the boss now gimme your forty-ounce spadle
Them hoes undoing my platinum, I'm try'na sweep'em off with the broom
But which one they be setting my nuts so hard
Sometimes I have to use a vacuum
Remember that gangsta' gangsta
Nigga that did it got thugsta' thugsta
Then if your ass to point to point
Then this hoe ass can shake the fuck up
Wheneva' you feel my kung-fus talkin',  you betta' close your mouth
Than if you wants to interrupt in my fakin' game
I'm knockin' your teeth out
Peace packin' these slugs like P.O.D., pap, pap, tricks
Tellin' me tell  you somethang
Cause if you ain't timely, picked up shit and rob the slugs
[Chorus] until fade