ARTIST(s):      Bizzy Bone
SONG TITLE:   No Intro
ALBUM:            Alpha and Omega
i aint got no time to do no
mutherfuckin intro to this album,
you know what im sayin.This the intro real thug shit.
aiight well shit let me turn this down so
i can do this. Hold on, Hold on, Stop braiding my hair for a
minute. Well,ok go on and put the grease
in baby. (Laughs) well quit touchin on me quit touchin
on me like that. turn that down. turn that down.
nigga these niggas want to hear a war story.
ima tell you something. See half the mutherfuckers in this rap
game, Ima just be real with you shouting man.
This shit aint real man. these niggas talking about bandaging up
Ounces and an and Keys. These mutherfuckers
aint pushin powder suger out here man these mutherfuckers is
soft like cotton candy, nigga. They wither nigga, at the first
sign of moisture nigga. You talkin to a real nigga who's
still going through this shit. Im in the studio nigga
doing me handling my business. Niggaz come in shootin the
joint up,nigga, lookin for a nigga, im down in the
basement with my gun in between my legs with
this other dude's broawd and shit. I look up at security cameras
all you see is masked men comming through the mutherfucken door.
nigga. i'm getting gun firing up stairs
and shit so em tellin them to "shut the fuck up." Calm down 'fore they
kill everybody and shit. They just shot like four mutherfuckers upstairs. By
now i'm up against the wall. This other nigga. He jump out the track.
"I don't know shit about this nigga. I didn't know him untill he came in."
Police pullin me out the house. And this other dude shakin like
a mutherfuckin crack head and shit. you know what im sayin, and police want to question me.
And you know me when police want to question me
i gave them my usual.... NOTHING. I said " I need a pack a ciggerettes,man". Went
to the corner store. got a pack of ciggerretes and ran to my little sister casey's house
on the north side and had her drop me off. See niggas don't go through real bullshit.
Man, these mutherfuckers is talking. It's a sick industry