ARTIST(s):      Bizzy Bone
ALBUM:            Alpha and Omega
Ya'll ain't ready for this shit. Ya'll know what it is. Ha ha (Please believe it)
Yeah you know what it is nigga.
Fuck these niggas who do not believe, in what the fuck the 7th Sign will do. You motherfuckers.
I need money, you motherfuckers.
Put it on me motherfucker. Put it on me. This how we play motherfuckers.
Comin' to get you niggas
7th Sign mastermind in full effect… yeah.
All you suckers can eat a dick.
All you playa haters, ya'll outta stop that shit, fuckin' around and take yo bitch…Ha ha ha.
7th Sign nigga. DOA nigga.
Capo Confucious, Lil Rasuu, Jule Syon, Precious, Baby Seal, Nina Ross. Liealoha, and my sister big Heather
This how we play (Yeh) This how we play (Yeh..) That's how we play...
Bizzy Bone-
Gimme an ounce for 350, nigga need a quick divorce
My niggas keep tellin' me what they keep sayin' about B in the Source
But I don't read magazines, nigga that's just irratation
Bizzy reads the type of books to further along his education
Little do they know about what-what-what
Little do they know about who-who-who
Little do they know about me-me-me
Get these and tell about you-you-you
Ain't no time to be trippin' on women cause women will have you get caught up and shot
Lil' niggas them bitches is yours so slap on tha rubber or beat up the cock
Lil' niggas ya'll so horny/ Only got yo' car for broads
How could I be hatin' when ya'll are the fakest niggas I've ever saw
Ya'll rollin' with snitches, I don't know no snitches
I roll with real niggas till they fall off, God pick 'em up for they loose they britches
And I feel my children love me, Daddy gotsta do mo' better
By the time we makin' money and spendin' my time with 'em, with 'em, with 'em, stuck up in the middle
Play me like fiddle, filthy like everyday, don't be fickle motherfuckers
Bizzy Bone-
Would it be better if we could just choose the future, blood mixed up, call me fuchsia
Thug picked up by the people; No Ruthless, no medusa
See I got jacked in Beverly Hills, still I keeps it real, very selective, wanna just smoke and chill
See I'm a veteran, all the grenade launchers wont cost me much
Anyone could get extorts
Yeah nigga, you can be touched
I did all my dirt in the 'burbs
I was ridin' around with my sisters' babies father
Double barrel shot-gun say word
Ready or not here come my words, steady or not, that shit's absurd
Already got, me all perturbed
Cop on tha block, gettin' on my nerves
This is the lifestyle of that brick sellin' been falsified
Niggas don't let ‘em lie to yall, I'm a tell the truth on mine
And I really want no more/ Catch yo' ass security wires
Open the door, these rappers is scared as hell
What you frontin' for? 
e got his entourage, and he got his bag of weed, is this the way it is?
Little Bizzy takes the lead
Bizzy Bone-
Whateva, whateva, we gotta get cheddar; I'm better with money
Been runnin' around, with a gun and a skully
And one on my buddy's now dippin' tha swisha
And then again hmm..
Nobody's the best, and ya betta believe it, then leave it alone, lone
I'm a tell ya'll, all my secrets
Son of a mistress, carry on outta tha foster home, been raised outta my freaky ways
Burn my collection of porn, but I don't won't no straights
What about church folks stressin' that I should change
Live ya life, I'm a live my life without the lies and let me pray for change
Now keep the pimp cup, I don't wanna blow the pimps up
Cause my father's father was pimpin' and he left all of his children checkin' (Fucker!)
I don't have to respect it and you don't have to respect it
Gimmie my space, and I'm a give you yours
It's my profession, nigga (Nigga!) It ain't a game, yall can pop tha collar, uh
It'll be some drama in tha parkin lot
7th sign poppin' ya column
One for the money, hollar
Two for the D, playas
It's the way we play and police nigga ya'll can swallow