ARTIST(s):      Bizzy Bone
SONG TITLE:   Feelin' Lovely
ALBUM:            The Beginning And The End
Yeah, its going down.. 7th sign film slash records in full motherfucking effect (yes sir) please believe it nigga, bizzy the kid, midwest cowboy
>>Verse 1<<
Sippin muggle, feelin lovely, dizzy smokin sticky icky,
in every city my niggas rollin wit me, strapped up on me,
yaheard i got kicked out of bone thugs n harmony?
what u thinkin, im a soldier, survive, the ugly,
dont come around me if u whiskin 4 money i aint got it, u kno i just got out of the jail? (what?)
they put 2gether my bail and im still runnin from the popo,
ridin wit the top down, top down, purple haze, makin my shift, hittin snitches and let the six four drop down, drop own,
jealous niggas callin me a son of a whooOO!!
>>Chorus 2 times<<
And i be runnin from the police, all week,
We bin drinkin and smokin rollin them swisher sweets,
When we get up in the club they tell us 2 leave,
its something about liqour make u c enemies (who is that?) [Wrong i think..]
My body luv drinking hennesy,
Adrenalin pumpin im thuggish ruggish with energy,
Heaven is where we wanna be!! and money is what we wanna see!!
>>Verse 2<<
I got them bullets that'll move ya body, body!!
put em in a gangster like hasta~la~vista,
i'm ghetto like [gostos for mostas [or something..]]
its time for the four, hail ceaser,
walk through here with the gasoline jacket, snatchin the reefer,
gotta go, go, fresh out of the county, steady as we grow,
all of my niggas is dead.. and im bein questioned by the feds
let me know what they said ,enemies sleepin in my bed,
this was written by my bishop wit this vision in my head,
hey, let me c u left marsh, do it for death charge,
i can feel the vision wit my company in red,
let me know what they said, cuz they fake like they my friends
its the jealousy in them, and the zealousness in them,
and u can tell em once again, i, my people winnin,
u can choke and it [??] seemless sprees is spinnin,
got this skeez blending breeze, i make a week at the knees,
i mean literally, i make a week at the knees!
>>Chorus 2 times<<