ARTIST(s):      Bizzy Bone
SONG TITLE:   ? Do We Die And Prayer
ALBUM:            The Beginning And The End
No ones thinkins bout our babies, everybodys actin shaady..
and we die
(everybody want a piece of the pie)
tell me why... do we die
(no ones thinkin bou our babies)
and why.. do we die
tell my we die
(everybody want a piece of the pie)
Yeah, and around, and around we go
and we pray on our knees, and these are the precious things we bring to the world;
dont cry, dont u go asking "why?",
dont u go by and dont u ride by my side, girl u roll in a world, sugar right (right)
Back in the days when little lay and all the bones we got 2 scrapping 4 pay
sometimes i miss when we was kids and now since ninety five back when easy died of the h-i-v
oh wat a disease and what a tragic time
bone bone bone fo sho u hear me and see me,
clearly u feel me,
if i could do it again i wouldnt and the shit got me teary
remember Lake Erie i told ya'll i'll be there and it hurt if I recall and around and around we go we die
tell me we die
and we die.... do we die...
and we die
tell me we die
gotta take it easy...
and we pray on our knees x6
she dont love you i can tell ya he dont love ya
he would sell u out in a minute in a minute god will bail you out get it
and to the weed heads before u get it life aint easy,(sometimes) sometimes i just dont get it,
its so cold its so cold
i just cant(i just cant, i just cant)man dont u feel me do u feel it tellin all my people if i never did it,
remember the way we used to play now all that i can say
and around, and around we go...
And we die
(and around and around we go)
Tell me we die... do we die
(and around and around we go)
And we die
(and around and around we go)
Tell me we die
now a days everybody wants a piece of pie
people now a days are so shady noones think about our babies
how many friends will we c cry
how many friends will u c die
how many prisoners that u know its craazy
yeaaah... yeaaah....... yeahh...
---- PRAYER ----
(back gorund:Na Nana Nana Naaaa Na na naaaaaa)
Dog, when im standin up here and lookin at u and now... 
somethin tell me u aint in it..
and somethin tell me dat, this is just..
all u left.. this is how, this is how i talk to you..
this is all u left here 4 me 2 talk 2..
i know u watchin me nigga..
i know u luv me nigga..
i can imagine all ya..
rain, kare, i imagine all ya,
smokin weed and drinkin, not disrespectin nobody, just smokin weed and drinkin..
wit good hearts, changed hearts.. shit.. i thank ya'll..
i thank ya'll 4 hearin my prayers..
taking care of me a and watching me man, watching my mom man, charles remember we used 2 ride by my moms house?
2 the point where a nigga, i dnt even hav 2 tell u nigga
if u was drivin 2 drive by my moms house u wud just automatically ride by my moms house nigga i love u..
i swear 2 god i love you.. i'll never 4get that shit..
i know u still ridin by my moms house nigga..
and rain nigga we got close there in the end diggy-didnt, ya niggaz dont understand,
my niggas dont know only my niggaz that pay attention 2 me know,
u know what im sayin but we got close nigga, 4 a minute u know what im saying the shit u did,
u knew u had 2 pay 4 wat u did, u told me..
u know wat im sayin we was on 2 different worlds,
but 4 a minute we got trapped nigga, we got trapped 2gethr nigga and i want u 2 kno i heard every word nigga,
every motherfuckin word nigga. and i got u cuz..
i got u..