ARTIST(s):      Bizzy Bone feat. Layzie Bone
SONG TITLE:   Head To The Ground
ALBUM:            The Beginning And The End
(Bizzy Bone)
While i was walkin in tha column, and all
help the medicine go down
heavenly fatha dont be made at us now
its been ah long way commin
and we dont plan on goin back
head to tha ground
head to tha ground
(repeat chorus 4x)
and through the cymetary gins
and talkin like they my friends
i dont worry about death
cuz i dont know whats happenin wit my kids
I neva pray God for the ends
not as much as i spend
nor do i depends
livin and sinnin dennin
ready to burn tha bridge
and I wish this drama drama
all would cease
by walkin tha streets
do without my heat heat
lookin at my feet
and the only time of peace
wuz when we got high
i know you got urs
thats why i got mine got mine big bitch
my nigga nine went ta jail 4 it
anotha nigga lost
but shoulda be woulda been betta off
i dont know tha ansas
and see we chance off
somebody takes a stand jaw
satan got ah plan yall
but man gotta follow
see most of my friends is hollow
and i pray for em
and i say for em
lord thank you(live my life)
that im half way home
goin on and on
help tha medicine go down(2x)
Rest n peace
(chorus 2x)
walkn talkin ta God
Prayn for forgivness
and see i say for this
cause i pray 4 this
instead i get laid down ta tha pavement
by tha same niggaz that wuz listenin ta what im was sayin
stay sadated heavely stressed out ((thug)(5x))
i need ah vacation
go ta tha schools and help lil kids eduacation
let all of the hata hata hata hatas
some of the old folks
cant stand it
betta make way
here comes that new generation
heaven'l make us
hope yall dont be choken hatred
lets face it
sum niggas i know
reminds me of them multi races
if i aint say it
sumbody else woulda said it
r we ready 4 death and destruction
i already read it
i wont let it
messiah come on
lets ride for tha cause
say we all shall overcome
come all
God gon make tha laws
(chorus 2x)
(Layzie bone)
Nigga have you eva been undecided
bout commitin tha violence
strugglin ta fight it
livn this life but you just dont like it
makn niggas break dey self cuz ah nigga cant buy it
my mind feelin so ziggity
waitn for tha day that tha lord come get
pick me up and carry me home
u feeln me nigga u wit me
nigga been runnin deze streets like all my life
till tha day that i die ill be stumpin
marchin in big black boots
dumpin striait up chargin deze niggaz dumpin
lock and load thats what i holla holla holla
to all tha real niggas thats ready in tha field everyday
gotta risk they life for that dolla
grab your weapons tightn yo laces
see them cops off ta tha races
seen ah lotta shit
been ah lot of places
everywere we go its dem ghetto races
calcasions facen this jail time
represented there crime
got niggaz out here getn down and durty
on tha grind its about that mail time
in tha middle of it all heaven or hell
nigga pick your roll
keep it real nigga save your soul
and tha world so cold
nigga neva will know
when the trumpets sound
when it all go down
nigga you ready for it
when the good lord blow it
bb and lay goin home wit our head down
to tha ground