ARTIST(s):      Layzie Bone and Bizzy Bone feat. Krayzie Bone & Wish Bone
SONG TITLE:   Everyday
ALBUM:            Bone Brothers
Bone Bone Bone Thug (ooo you know how we do it)
Bone Bone Bone Thug (Its all about the music)
Bone Bone Bone Thug (its all about the music)
[Chorus x3: Krayzie Bone]
Everyday, it seems its gettin shorter as the world turns round and round
These last days, so cra-zy oh why
[Verse 1: Krayzie Bone]
They tellin me criminals be crazy, man what is they reason for the brutality
They killin these niggas in cold blood, Bone Thug
Been a part of the reality, all the insanity
Aint no more humanity, what ever happend to family?
Lost mine way back in the game, back when the crack came
It aint too much changed here today, seems like its never gon' get better
Wonder if ill ever get to live in peace
These days of our lives, they keep on gettin shorter every time
Then I realize, that it wonít be too long before,
We wake up and the world is gone,
And it won't mean no World War, it'll be Armageddon for sure
[Chorus x2]
[Verse 2: Wish Bone]
Every where we look thereís so much violence (violence),
And I donít make it no better Iím quick to riot (riot)
And you ainít gotta lose, itís all about the roads that you choose
But what is there to do where brought up and stung like ooooh
And I can feel your pain young thugs, stay focused
Cause we can get this money young thugs,
Even though the end of days are comin,
You can get it right right now do something for somebody.
Just hold on for me, I promise thereís a better place for all us T-H-U-Gís
If he donít believe then, donít call yourself a thug
Cause thugs believe, who donít believe (who donít believe)
[Chorus x2]
[Verse 3: Layzie]
Sometimes I sit back and I think, why me
Now how did I become a victim of this struggle?
Everyday tryna piece this puzzle,
And every second im out on the hustle,
I sit and I guzzle, hopin reality would pass me by, right on by,
And Iím not gonna sit and lie, half of my life I was vilified.
Like a test, hold weilds, a lot of determination and skills,
Ainít a damn thang never come easy, not when a nigga gotta pay these bills
Scrap this meal, feed this, man of the household,
Gotta keep that money cominí, gotta be out here doin something,
Rather than sitting back broke with nothing
Can you feel me?
If I have to come and get ya, Iíma getcha you goní feel me
And what do they say about Little Lay,
Heís a ghetto legend
Niggas is out here threatened, because Iím headed for Armageddon baby.
[Chorus x2]
[Verse 4: Bizzy Bone]
Back in the day with little Lay and all the Bones
We got to scrappin' for pay sometimes I miss when we were kids is all
Now since ninety-five back when Eazy died of a A-I-D's
oh what a disease 'n evil (Oh)
Harmony harmony out could it be now everybody wanna keep us twisted
You better believe it, yea little Eazy whispers different
Gotta keep my distance me payed up on the buildin'
None of us used that just don't stop until I get shot, shot
Wheelin' and dealin' me back in the day from the crack lock (yeah)
I see Greg roll it I seen bad murder, murders St. Claire
As for the Industry we're pickin' now, sickin' now and the hard headed
Came to break it down lick it out (lick it out)
[Chorus x2]