ARTIST(s):      Layzie Bone and Bizzy Bone
SONG TITLE:   Dick Rider
ALBUM:            Bone Brothers
Bullshit. This is somebullshit. (Anybody know where the Grey Goose at?)
Let's get this money, man. C'mon...
The dick riders, don't stop, swallow
Tell ya to your face, you ain't nuthin' but a... Hollow point tip (Tip!) to your face, bitch,
tell the brother follow, follow
Dick riders, don't stop, swallow swallow
-Bizzy Bone-
Oh my God! The people love and hate me, we are the mighty might warriors, plus the 7, hey!
Semi-automatic with a fully loaded banana, got my Benz full of my friends, puffin on tropicana
Promotin' all the way in Atlanta
Got my homeboys off in a Chi club; Do or Die, with a pistol grip pump
I'm a laugh at all times, what ya' think? I just want to grind, motherfucker, I'm a get mine
What do ya' think? That I want to shine? Is you crazy as hell?
My shit is kind of inspiration, you want me to fail
Well, best believe that I won't judge ya'll, I love ya'll
You know the Feds been checkin' up on Bizzy, and Bizzy, he gon' sell drugs ya'll
This is the hour where I'm a just show my testicles
Nigga with many skills, givin' bitches the chills
This is the hour where I'm a just show the testicles
Forever Young; Layzie and Bizzy givin' bitches the chills
-Layzie Bone-
What'chu say? Motherfucker, what you wan' do?
What'chu say? Motherfucker, what you wan' do?
What'chu say? Motherfucker, what you wan' do?
(I ain't think they ain't sayin' nothin' nigga)
Bitch ass nigga (Watch out, bitch)
I'm slammin' the doors on my Caddy Coupe, crankin' it up and smashin' the gas
I really don't know where I'm headed, dog
But, I'm leadin' it hard, chasin' this cash,
mobbin' through the grimey streets, bendin' them corners, takin' them notes
And I know these folks is watchin' me so you know I gots to watch these folks
I'm playin' for keeps off in this deadly game
Thuggin' enough to get me some change
Til the day I day I'm down for my thang
I'm goin' against the grain, after the rest and I got the cheese
D Boys in the industry want to break bread, you feelin' me?
From Detroit to Minnesota, DC, North Dakota
I'm kickin' it when you see me, dog, I'm from Cleveland Dog, we rollers
The #1 Assassin is comin' through the bitch blastin' shit, take what I want, don't ask for shit
Nigga, I'll put the match on shit
You fuckin' with a thoroughbred, pistol totin' hard head
Killa for the scrilla, man, hittin' you with that hot lead
Floatin' with my afro blowin' rollin' don't know where I'm goin'
Layzie Bone just got another Mil and ain't nobody knowin'
-Layzie Bone-
My dick is the biggest so maybe that's the reason these bitches just wantin' to kiss it
They wishin' they'd get it, comin' out of they bitches, but that ain't gon' happen 'cause that's for the Mrs.
Schemin' on riches, and that in my character
Me and my soldiers ain't never been scared of ya
Try it, my nigga, I'm ready and I'm darin' ya
Already ahead of ya, get it? Ahead of ya
Nigga, let go of ya genitals
Bang! Bang! Hit 'em up by the prison walls
Ya'll niggas know Little Layzie got plenty flows
Ya'll niggas like crabs in a bucket
Put a nigga down if you get it, now don't ya
Hate to see a nigga on top of the pile with a blunt and a smile, gettin' bread, now don't ya
Now, that's just causin' warfare; It ends in bloody murder
I'm a bring it to your doorstep with guns you ain't never heard of
Tech 9's and Mini-Macs, seem silly? That's just my way of life
Don't think a nigga just be rappin' about you I be about it 'cause that's my life
Some niggas want money and fame, but, damn that dog, we want respect
O.G, Double O.G, Triple O.G, That's me when it comes to a check
I be talkin' about a lot of shootin' cause some of ya'll niggas be prostitutin'
Runnin' around with my dick in they mouth like "Layzie, how you doing?"