ARTIST(s):      Layzie Bone and Bizzy Bone feat. E Mortal Thugs
SONG TITLE:   No Rules
ALBUM:            Bone Brothers
-Layzie Bone-Intro-
Yeah. E-M-T.
-E Mortal Thugs-Chorus-
(It ain't no rules!) Go on fakers,
you fakers keep fakin' usin' 'bows to keep off you haters as the penalties create injuries
You niggas be killin' me with this negative injury
Sac you niggas like quarterbacks, send you straight to surgery
I'm a step when it comes to the game
Slip, I'm a dominate
Fuck ya if ya want to hate; Injure niggas that's in the way
Rules that I never heard of them, you use 'em and I'm still hurtin' ya
You's a small area, your whole area, I heard of ya
You gettin' neglected, plus rejected so expect some chin checkin'
If you bring it, you'll get total disrespected
My squad is the money, man
Layzie and the henchmen
Mo! Thugs the fam. like hot damn like a Van Damne
Ya'll best know who you dealin' with, niggas on some other shit
We come to get it, move over, we runnin' shit
-Lil D-
I'm star-stu-stu-stu-studdard like Ruben Studder
Keep a German Rueger when I move through public
Assets with the gats
I mean, you dudes sure run it
Glasses with two Tech's
We laugh, a casket; Who want it? Givin' the strippin' in them speednots
Headlocks, ribshots, leg locks, head shots
Follow my plot, I'm a pop it
Feelin' my profit
Today's topic; Cocked it and popped it
Fuck it, stop it
In my category, that ain't a option
Constanly boxin' knockin' opposin' opponents, unconscious
Turn your blue suit to a red suit and use you as a sponsor, nigga
-Stew Deez-
Aw shit ya'll, niggas done bust ya'll up
All of ya'll niggas finna get fucked up
We throwin' 'bows at you hoes
Ain't no rules so anything goes
We Bobby Busheyin' niggas, my hobby be sprayin' niggas
My Motto: No Playing, nigga
So, fuck what you saying nigga
Up out your mouth you get knocked out
From the first damn round it's goin' down
Like Iron Mike Tyson, nigga, we knockin' your jaw around
I'm knockin' you black and blue
E-M-T is smackin' you, Lil' Lay is jackin' you for everything you got
So, give it up or get shot, nigga
'Cause when it come to these streets my niggas roll, we roll deep with SK's and AK's up in the front seat
-Layzie Bone-
So many melodies, better be 'bout the cheddar cheese
Layzie, E Mortal Thuggin' like criminals is the felonies
Ya'll better be watchin' your back
Off the rip, I come with gats
Bang! Bang! Do the damn thang
I'm a O.G, nigga, handle that (Buck Buck...) with a scandal that I will murder ya'll
Ain't no rules, I ain't heard of ya'll
Line 'em up, nigga, knock 'em down
Fuck 'em all, nigga, serve 'em all
Bone Thugs 'N the Harmony, Mo! Thug is my Family is real in the streets, you feelin' me?
We the rawest clique on the planet, see
Forever a menace, so put it in Guiness, you better go check my manuscript (Motherfuckers)
Heh... (Come on) You better go check my manuscript