ARTIST(s):        Bone Thugs N Harmony
ALBUM:              The collection vol 1
BY:                      Loenatic(rifhat)*

[Chorus: Krayzie]
My nigga, let's get P.O.D.'ded (P.O.D.'ded, P.O.D.'ded)
(So high, so high am I.)
reefer and blunts is all that's needed (needed, needed)
(So high, so high am I.)
Slow down, make it too smoky for you, baby 
Fucked up--look at you faded
I am what I am as a thug in the Land 
And that's all that I am 
Damn, you better come join this thugsta party 
Blunt smoke up in your body 
And come get high, get high 
Let's all get lifted 
Split the swisher, quickly twist us up a fatty 
Now, I've been smokin' out all day long, 
P.O.'d in the back of Krayzie's Caddy 
How in the world did I manage to smoke this many? 
About a hundred, man. Feel it all in my stomach 
To the brain severely blunted,
And it ain't no shame off in my game 
Hydroponics and Indonesia, 
Even the stress sometimes be creeper, 
So pass me some reefer, want to receive, ah 
Little Lay, givin' you what you need
Nothin' but the best green leaves 
With a pocket full of cheese, gettin' P.O.D.
I be so high, feel high. Forgive me Lord, 
But I feel like the weed be blessin' my soul 
Got to smoke that sticky, smelly stuff, 
But I just can't get enough 
Smoke it, hit it, pass it to the next man 
Let him choke, smoke but don't hold on 
Don't hold on, on. No, no 
And if you smoke it with me, yeah
Then, I'm a smoke it with you 
Y'all, we can smoke it all up 
We can smoke and get ba- 
We can smoke it all up
We can smoke and get ba-, ba-, ba-, ba-, buzzed
P.O.D.'ded that'll get me in my seat
Hennessy and I ain't too young to be that poetically, 
Here to believe that I get brave, and all on my way, 
In a daze, me puff puff on my reef 
Got a blunt for the thugs and hustlas 
Ain't no bustas in the Mo Thug game 
And it gets me out of all miseries
Follow the benefits, stay in place 
As long as we reach, put up the fist and flip and pray 
I'll be done, when I reach my own 
Stay free; let the time go pass me by 
Stay high, I'm P.O.D.'d. P.O.D.'d. 
I smoke on nothin' but the best of buddah
Ooh, yeah. Get the blunts and weed
Fuck the Hennessy; let's focus on these leaves 
Reefer really relax my mind, 
And ask me one more time 
Get a split up, keep it lit up. Can you feel us? 
Get with us, smoke with your nigga 
Somebody told me, you better 
respect the sticky leaves, sticky leaves, sticky leaves