ARTIST(s):      Kayzie Bone feat. Asu, LaReece, K-Mont
SONG TITLE:   If You a Thug
ALBUM:            Thug On Da Line
(Chorus 4x)
Clap your hands thug niggas jam hard
clap your hands thug niggas clap your hands
If you a thug nigga what, you poppin slugs at snitch niggas
you aint playing, shit you's a halt about your figgas
if you thug,forever rollin on dubs
20 deep (?) pressin the clubs with your thugs
Nigga if you a thug than youu better have tatts
and whenever I got beef than I can call you for straps
nigga if you a thug than you all about paper
and you know theres only one way you got to  deal with a hater
If you a thug
you wouldn't have been talkin it  
you would have been walkin it
loading up your pistol marking your target and popping it
if you a thug then what the fuck that make me?
a Krayzie...nigga y'all aint trying to see
If you a thug only thing squilling will be your wills and
you was a pilling at still at whoever the fuck you wasn't feeling
thugs know the verse, my thugs holler louder than that
you dont hear them, you heard them in niggas just follow the path
(Chorus 4x)
If you a thug  I know you aint loving the bitch,hugging the bitch
you say you just be rubbing the clique
if you a thug you know you cant be tricking the dough
roll up in the halls, keep eyes on your foes
(yea yea yea)
Nigga if you a thug than its bitches you lust
You know its hard to find a pritty dyme piece you trust
nigga if you a thug than you got to get yours
you still doing your thang, but aint no love for hores
If you a thug you dont some money to make some money
because if you a thug, if you aint got it you taking money
if you a thug you dont give a fuck about the judge
doing three strikes when you living your life thug!
What a thug see thru whatever you were trying to do
i bet a thug can show you better than a thug can tell you
thugs stay talking, and walking,stay rolling and sparking up
thugs stay swollen in they hearts and in they nuts
If you a thug oh yeah you know you staying (?) so high
keep your heat on your side when you ride
if you a thug see you that type of nigga that never given a fuck
mad doggin on than niggas like what
if you a thug
If you a thug you probably fighting a case
harrassed by the police and probably sprayed with mase
nigga if you a thug you know the law aint shit
you screaming fuck the police
and telling the president to eat a dick
If you a you would of been screaming this shit before we was
is you a thug or a nigga just trying to ride the bandwagon
if you a thug you got no problem spending blood
over the shit you love so nigga tell me
still a thug?
if you a thug you wouldn't be hollering
about what you would of, could of  but should of you done it
now nigga run it on your mothafuckin stomach
ashes and elbows cocka-doo-doo
you know how the tail goes
(Chorus 8x)