ARTIST(s):      Krayzie Bone
SONG TITLE:   Nuthin But Music
ALBUM:            Gemini: Good vs. Evil
Now i can remeber back in tha day
nigga was gangsta to deaf
N.W.A gangsta gangsta
had niggas up under arrest
cause tha boys in da hood was always hard
and we love to bump dat shit when i stole in cars
remeber dat 6 in da mornin ice T dat shit blowed up
had all us niggas tryin to be some high rollas
but hold up remeber dat fuckin diggy diggy dock yall
cause if ya funky enough we aint forgot dog
? talkin about some super sonic
it was corny but dim broad lookeded good back then
shit i was in drinkin alcohol
skippin skool nigga was havin a ball
tone had me lokin it after dark
go in park niggas was flosin they ride
look at my passe ride by
on da B.M.X bikes
niggas flossin all dat ol skool
parties n smokin n drinkin
livin like some hustlus
wats crankin
above da law was da shit we was playin
while i was standin on da corner
tryin to make some money man
remeber ?
and too short
now this where da pimpin began in da industry
throw up ya hand if you feelin me
im jus sayin i gave up luv so yall jus betta remeber me
Aint nuthin but music(aint nuthin but music) 3x. (3x.)
Remeber wen east was in da house
oh my God
he was sure to keep da party live if u put on some boogie down production
blast master KRS one
talkin about some jus suicide if u suicide
remeber da biz mark
ah 1 2 ah 1 2
and big daddy kane told dem niggas dat it aint(aint) no(no) half(half) steppin(steppin)
at da house party da dj scatchin up da record
it was ?
had da whole party bumpin
remeber da freaks cum out at night
it wasnt fun oh
dis was da jam roxanne roxanne
everybody and they moma didnt reply to dem niggas man
wat u niggas know about dat 2rock g
nigga ride da rythm flavored dj mc
jam rock sellin yellin im a dj enevator
and i could wait to see jam master jam
it was holla holla yeah(holla holla yeah)
kept the people dancin its own but gettin played now
i said kept da people dancin its own but getting played now
now run(run) D.M.C(C) was fresh(fresh)
knock em out da box rick rick
knock em out rick
dougy got ya back wit dat funky beat box shit
fat fat fat bois
and curtis came out wit da these r da brains
is ya feelin me nigga is ya feelin me
im jus sayin i gave up luv so yall jus betta remeber me
chorus. 4x.