ARTIST(s):      Krayzie Bone
SONG TITLE:   All I'm Hearing
ALBUM:            Gemini: Good vs. Evil
All I'm hearing on the radio is the same thing
and I'm seeing in the video is the same thing
same old song far from original
gotta maintain we're just like a breath of fresh air so here we blow.
Ya feel tha cool breeze prepare for the comin of the breed,
true G's more than just irregular,
just a little differently than ordinary whatever you want I want styles
and you know they're very sick of hearing the same thing on the radio,
sick of seeing the same scene in the video,
everybody wanna be like somebody or look like somebody,
you just need to be yourself and I'ma tell ya half these niggaz I pay ain't even right.
they just sit back wath'cha and plot'cha and try to bite ya they keep eatin my shit up so I guess like.
niggaz try to hang with bone so they hear the same song, same song, same song.
Here we blow, here we blow this is dedicated to the ones who really rhyme
see time after time after time after time say this is dedicated to the ones that really rhyme,
see time after time after time after time hey you try a little bit of this you wont want none of that
you really really wanna hit nigga this where its at look at me can even sing in a rap.
They try to follow my footsteps but get lost in my tracks.
One and only thuggish ruggish bone others wanna be us but they clone you don't really wanna see me nigga gone.
(chorus x2)