ARTIST(s):      Krayzie Bone
SONG TITLE:   How We Roll
ALBUM:            LeathaFace - The Legends Underground Part I
That’s right nigga (Double Glock)
Mr. Leathaface (It don’t stop)
Ya’ll niggas wanna be real (The bloody body rott)
get caught up in some of this thug shit.
-Chorus x4-
This how the thugs and the hustla’z and gangsta’s play, this how we roll (This what we do) That’s how we roll
Niggas was born and brought up in the hood, hung out with killas and crooks
They showed the nigga how to cook the rocks and not to get booked by the cops
Young, haulin' I’m 17, I’m on the corner with Burna, my dawg
and niggas ain’t got no place to sleep or to eat at all
Fuck that, pass that sawed-off pump
Since we ain’t got no dope to slang, partner, ya’ll know what? We’ like some motherfuckin’ scavangers on they ass was scandalous
and this is just a jackin’ don’t make it assault and battery
In a stolen Caddy, jump out “What’s up nigga??
We know you got some dough, what’s happenin’ nigga?
You just sold to that crackhead
I’m buzzin’ of that motherfuckin’ 40 a gutt
Is you gon’ drop the fuckin’ money lil’ homey or what?
“Only got 25 dollers man? Nigga shut tha fuck up!
Cauze you ahead a me 25 dollars, nigga I ain’t got nothin’
And did I mention (Listen)
I ain’t ate since Monday, today’s Friday
so nigga release them two tens and that five or you die today, die today
-Chorus x4-
Motherfuckers ain’t ready for this
I been told ya'll niggas, but now I got to come show ya'll niggas with a 9 millimeter heater,
shit finna get violent, violent
Deuce Double O Tre, fuck the Po-Po, FBI, and the CIA
or any other motherfucker wanna know what’s up with Kray, hey
Eat a dick bitch, out my way I got to go
Gotta get the dough, pocket full of profit, Cock it, watch it, I'm not the ho gettin’ robbed, oh no!
What I tell nigga ‘bout the 4-4, it blow
How ‘bout anybody that fucks with me, killa,
pop pop! Drop to your knees nigga
Didn’t think ya see yourself bleed, did ya?
Like a show, gotta a lot of pleasin’ ya
Manditory we run up and detatch niggas for everythang
Just show me the money, when you hear the wind blow,
you know it’s blowin’ at LeathaFace
You know that’s murda mo’ nigga got to kill some more
Nigga murda mo’ nigga got to kill some more (For this thug shit)