ARTIST(s):      Krayzie Bone feat Tupac
SONG TITLE:   Game Tight
ALBUM:            LeathaFace - The Legends Underground Part I
But thug nigga be on point and game tight (Yeah, that's right...)
But thug niggas be on point and game tight
Let us subtract some of these bustas that’s screamin’ they real (watch out)
It’s time to go for trill skill, niggas chasin’ the scrill, makin’ the dollar bill
The nation that I been runnin’ with been ready for raw
And pullin’ up on cops, bust shots and leavin 'em dead in the car, leave the Feds in the dark
Get ready for this cauze thugs is takin’ over
All them niggas that bought the record we done transformed em into souljahs so when we roll up on you,
better believe that niggas come to fight
You can try us but...
Do you wanna ride? I’m rollin’ till the wheels fall off cauze we bout to riot
I kill ‘em all with this Sawed-Off
If you ain’t talkin’ about no money, nigga don’t speak to me at all
If you aint down with the organization Thug Nation, got no reguards
We stayin’ untouchable, unbustable, got dicks so we unfuckable
So ya’ll better back up off us and approach with caution
Quit tappin’ the telephone line, quit tryin’ to move in on mine
Keep tryin’
Stay away from them ho’s, them niggas ya foes, don’t trust ‘em
Niggas'll tell you they rollin’ as soon as you turn your back they cut 'cha, motherfucker
So (?) I won’t tolerate it, niggas don’t wanna be bothered with it
Soon as we pin it, nigga get rid of that motherfucker with the quickness
Get him the fuck out
To the bitch made, snitch snake nigga; AK 47 crazy rebelious made killas
Whether you runnin’ up on my car or kickin’ in my door
But you know the clip'll be in and I'll begin to spit at all ya’ll ho’s
Aim for the dome
I won’t tryin’ to be shot your leg off, I'm liable to knock your head off
Just simply don’t get hit first when it’s set off
We meet ‘em, greet ‘em with heaters, street sweapers, nine millimeters
We be there, ready for war, suited and strapped up, ready fo’ more
Frontline nigga, in case you ain’t heard ‘bout us, it’s Thug Line nigga
Buck! Buck! Die nigga! LeathaFace in the place, still got my 12 gauge dangillin’
Try me but...
Been tryin’ to organize a regime of killas
And niggas is ready to bomb back in combat to ride with us, straight guerilla
We got niggas from Cleveland to Cali, New Zealand to Maui, from Miami to Cincinnatti niggas is in it to rally or riot
Kept quiet for too damn long
Niggas ain’t sangin’ no songs or marchin’ we lightin’ fires and slang chrome
We lootin’ or terorizin’ and I'm shootin’ to paralyze ‘em
We tryin’ to stop ‘em from think, walkin’ talkin’ and breathin’ yeah
And I got some souljahs on the East Coast that’s keepin’ they heat loaded in case we need more thug power
Come after the cowards in the blue suits and badges
Recruit troops for the madness
Attack and swoop through and handle it
Vandalism won’t do no good for damage done cauze nigga,
LeathaFace gon' make sure niggas dont come back when the battles won
United we stand and we fightin’ the same fight, you can try us