ARTIST(s):      Krayzie Bone
SONG TITLE:   What Would You Do
ALBUM:            LeathaFace - The Legends Underground Part I
Tell me... What would you do if they took the fame back from you? took the game back on you? Took the name back?
I fell asleep n had a dream that I fell off in the game,
nigga no more glammer, no more fame no mo bitches or bank.
I cant even buy me a 50 sack cuz Im broke.
Been tryin to get me a rap deal but they dont love me no mo.
Now its serious cuz niggas are befriended me, now everybody my enemy.
Could it really be niggas pretendin to be my friends cuz I had the dividends?
As I really did I guess I'm not tha shit now, huh?
I'm tellin ya niggas ya better hope that I dont rebound, uh.
I had money, quick fast money,
the cash money, I flashed money, but I should'a been smart enough to stash money.
Now I'm back on the black Iím marchin back to square one,
n I got a pocket full'a stones, damn I wish I'd wake up.
But I kept dreamin I was slangin rocks, while watchin for cops,
and I kept my nine millimeter glock cocked, case it had to be shot.
I went from makin platnum records to stugglin back in the ghetto.
Chasin paper like I'm crazy, but it aint nuttin but tha devil.
I dont care though, I was willin to risk it all, even my life, (thats right)
I had already lost it all, even my wife.
So I'm ready to die. Fuck my girl n fuck the world.
If I dont get some cash somebody's ass gunnin be deader than a mutha fucka n I aint laughin.
I'm used to livin lavish, havin fancy material.
I used to be a rapper, but shit now I'm a criminal.
I'm livin low, feels like I can die right here.
This dream really dunn turned into a nightmare.
Now shit is serious, cuz I gatta get some paper today.
I'm thinkin bout rollin up on some bustas, pullin my guage out n spray. (buck buck buck)
Better yet I'm thinkin bout robbin a bank, before ya now it I'm at the safe with a gun at the back'a the bank tella
 Hey fella, Imma need all ya chedda.
LeathaFace down, so they wont get now description. Up in the safe now.
If you got some children you'll listen.
Look nigga just dont piss me off, cuz I'm already tickin.
N can roll with the menace, so chill with the conversation. So pop this combination, now.
aww shit,
Im back in the mix, he opened the safe, im finna be rich.
I filled that sack with some chips. Im thinkin Im bout to dip, this nigga done hit the switch.
so, on reflex I shot him.
Didnt want to, but I got him reight between the eyes, I droped him, as a murder case.
Grabbed the money n run out the door, tha po-po was waitin fa sho.
So I did the only thing I know, let off.
shot buck buck buck. Dipped to the cut, to the getaway car.
Then I pumped the trunk incase I had drama. Im havin drama, 
they got me trapped in tha back'a tha alley.
I'm runnní behind a bucket, grabbin the pump n I'm ready to buss' it.
Helocopters was hoverin over me, real quick I got to do somethin.
I start runnin, buckin tha guage, refuse to be stuck in a cage.
I'd rather be numb in a grave, then bein here fucked in the cage.
to late to save me now LeathaFace comin crazy now.
Get out my way cuz the guage is cocked
 I spit at two niggas flammin hot slug.
Get up n shoot n move, lets do this, ready move, with nothin to lose.
Done already lost it, if you was smart you'd back up off me coppers.
Aw shit they let off shots n got me dead in the chest.
I knew they got me cuz my t-shirt was wet. (pump...)
I'm bearly breathin, I'm thinkin I'd be dead soon,
but I passed out n woke up right back in my bedroom.