ARTIST(s):      Krayzie Bone feat. Wish Bone
ALBUM:            LeathaFace - The Legends Underground Part I
-Devil Voice & Krayzie-
(Sawed-Off Leathaface)
Ya'll best stay the fuck up outta mine...
(ThugLine Records up in this motherfucker)
Hatin' on the ThugLine is just a waste of time...
Ya'll niggas better let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go
 Let go that bullshit my nigga
Ya'll really need to let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go
Let go, let go
These niggas must think I'm sleepin’ cauze the weed got me easin’ but I’m sensin’ the tention
Tech loadin’ just distactin’ my mission
This for them ho’s, but ladies I ain’t talkin’ about you cauze 9 outta 10 of these niggas be bitches too (They bitches too)
Runnin around talkin’ lies, they keep my name in they mouth
Ten years in the business and all I can tell ‘em is (shit) that this game is wild
Where the fuck these thugs come from? All of a sudden these niggas is thuggin’
All in the camera, mean muggin' motherfuckers, but bitch ain’t finna do nothin’
Thug in silence, half these niggas never been one but they yell it
Fan seem to believe it, but real niggas don’t respect they gonna reject it
And why this fag nigga worried about who rappin’ the fastest? (Huh?)
Nigga was scared to lay a verse cauze we scared mine just might slash his
Ya bitch! Yo’ twist like me if ya want to, go ahead and twist
Your shit'll never be liver than this
-Chorus x2-
Let it go, you niggas be hatin’ me man; I already know cauze you let it show
What the fuck is you hatin’ me for? Oh you niggas must see the glow,
but they don’t ever wanna see the light, but that a’ight cauze we still gon’ shine
Make money, take money T-H-U-G the Line!
Original niggas you better believe it
When you seek us you better be easy, don’t be hangin’ around to long cauze I be thinkin’ you biggas be schemin’
Bitch its LeathaFace! Infront of the line of thugs
So can push, shove, whateva you wanna do
We won’t budge, show no love for niggas that used to down (Yeah)
I know you used to be down (Uh huh)
But shit, ain’t the same when I come around now, so shit I’m out, cauze I don’t hang with my foes
They tellin’ me to keep my enemies close, but they close enough through my scope
Drop em! Pop pop pop pop pop pop ‘em, got ‘cha
Get ‘cha with the murda murda, baby
-Chorus x2-
-Outro-Wish (Krayzie)-
(Let go... [repeated over and over])
Nigga don't worry about the fuck I been or where I'm going.
You don't kick it no more you ain't gon' get it no more.
You smoke good you drink good, it's over.
ThugLine is the shit and ya'll know it, quit hating. {laughs}
You motherfuckin' haters. You know what? You know what?
Goddamnit, it's just gettin' started.
This is ThugLine goddamnit, when you see us respect us.
If you don't like it, get the fuck away from us. Fuck ya'll, ThugLine. {laughs}
Hey, hey hey cut this shit.
Hey, Leathaface, dog, don't you just be gettin' high and just trippin' off these hatin' motherfuckers?