ARTIST(s):      Krayzie Bone
SONG TITLE:   Where My Thugz At
ALBUM:            Thug Mentality 1999
Buck buck fuck where my thugs at, where the fuck my thugs at
Are you ready for war, got to be ready for war
(verse 1)
Forward march, pull out your weapon aim directly for the heart
Buck the brain and make sure everything stop and listen to the shells drop
As we steady poppin round after round off trumpets fade around us
Bailin through the motherfuckin mud and rain niggas on a mission
Shirt full of bloodstains but I'm still livin
Cause I got the will and the skills
To make it out the killin field alive and killin still
This the type of shit I make you want got our suits on 
Knowin and willin to die with our boots on 
Dressed in fatigues this is real we ain't no actors
We don't wear this shit for no fashion 
You'll see how real it is when we start blasting
Fake niggas always shoot real blanks 
We in the steel tanks
If this was real they'd probably crumble 
How you come to rumble 
When you scared of what's in the jungle, nigga 
Why you tell them people you was killas
I put this on my dead thugs 
When they jump we gon tear it up 
Torpedo one bomb torpedo two to see the destruction 
Military minded so will win 
Strategize, that's all I'm fuckin bout is strategies 
It's all about reality and nigga that's me
Before we fight, I use my mind to pin the situation 
Makin sure the enemies weak before we invade 'em then we break 'em
Organization is a factor 
Comin from the warrior slash the mad rapper
Makin pushes jump out the bushes troopers attack
And the heads of the adversaries bring 'em back to me
If you scared you the first nigga dead 
and the field is gettin deeper 
Drama getting thicker so I pull my pistol quicker
Kill 'em all if they ain't on your team
But watch out for the spies trying to infiltrate the scene know what I mean
We headed for the justice center 
Free all the convicts and let the killas ride with us
Yeah, let's fuck some shit up and get rid of- 
The Law of course voluntarily or by force
This shit just goes on and on
It don't stop until the body rott and they casket drop
In the W-A-R we are the mighty, the mighty, the mighty mighty warriors ready
If they spittin we gone send them bitches slugs 
back it's like that buck buck buck 
Thugs, everywhere you see them niggas wanna be 'em
Meet the real thuggish ruggish niggas out of cleveland
The wasteland warriors wild execution style find your body smelling foul
I stay thugged out and enhance my thug mentality
Gotta keep my mental sharper than a pencil
Got bullets in the clip though and you in danger 
If you anger me nigga you'll me the one that's in the chamber  
Paranoia, don't get too close I'll blow your fuckin head right off your shoulders
Cause everything to me is war I'm livin in horror
I'll die before captured (fuck that) 
fuckin with these niggas down to the last clip
Remember the casualties dearly departed 
Keep poppin at these coppers and we'll drop 'em in your honor
You can rest in peace your killas deceased
Where my thugs at buck buck get 'em up so I can see 'em