ARTIST(s):      Krayzie Bone feat. Knieght Rieduz
SONG TITLE:   Knieght Rieduz (Here We Come)
ALBUM:            Thug Mentality 1999
[Krayzie Bone]
Hey! I be the pirate they call...[shhhh]
You want to walk the plank come on I'll make you walk the plank
At a point blank range bunkin' up brains wit a bloody bloody scene
Make the old ladies scream [oooohhh]
Oh-no I don't believe it but you seen it
Redrum murda baby
All they saw was the shadows of the dark so they can't tell the law
Ha ha ha FUCK'UM
Leave them in the red while we proceed to pop
When they heart stop drop
As they force me to weak'em complication with the breathin'
And I step on they neck while they wheezin' [WEEEEEEE]
Comin' from the underland
Piretes understand we are unidentified first of our kind
Kieght Rieduz roll vroom vroom vroom
All the pirets on the ships and the witches on the brooms
And panic, and panic, and panic it must be magic [Ha ha ha ha]
We only move when the moonlight guides us
When the sun rises you will not find us
We will not exist disappeared from the faces of the earth
But when the clock strikes 12 all hell breaks lose
[We are the people with the plots and we all kill you]
Dressed in black my name is..shhh
And I shall say no more....
[Wish Bone]
Build up dead inside of us
Mind twisted shook up in ontha Mr. Fuss
Danger we closin' in on the side you
You only get one chance better take it run hide
Appeared from out of no where no trace to be found
We come and we go without a heat of a sound
Inside of me deadly whispas
Comin' through my crave like the shot of some sipas
More less show y'all no pitty
And you women have the art to pass me
Tried to provide me with me sexual tendencies
It couldn't happen in your wild fantasies
I'm not goin' to pass it up..when I'm through
[Chorus: R. Coes] 4x
Kieght Rieduz. Here we come
[Krayzie Bone overlapping the chorus]
Mr. Sawed-Off Letherface, and the mothafuckin' Knieght Rieduz, Thugline
These muthfuckas pirates
And I'm the muthafuckin' thug
So I guess that make me a muthafuckin' Thug-Pirate
[Krayzie Bone]
Pull out your pump I'm ready to buck
I now it's like that when I be fuckin' with these Knieght Rieduz
Them niggaz always be in some type of violence
That's why I signed them
Them Niggaz was lookin' for soldiers
And I never seen no people like these they ain't your ordinary
As a matter fact look at the raps kinda scary
Night time is where they come from
But I ain't never send these niggaz in the day time not once somthin' fishy
It's like they don't exist
Nigga never saw they face just like the shit they makin'
And when we roll niggaz be lookin' surprised
Cause of the way they dressed and they mysterious eyes hypnotize ya
My Knieght Rieduz put on my Letherface when I want to play with the Pirates
[Chorus: R. Coes] 4x
Kieght Rieduz. Here we come
I suggested you pack your bags and hull ass
If you can't be gone by night fall please don't look back
Or how tragic
And choose not to roll so I'm not rolled over
Now I'm all alone for the bullet holes
Turned his lights off and carefully
Your nothin' but a puff of smoke
And reach from every ones memory
Your next to be in gods hands your no longer a part of the human race
Here we come a court and now your lost until the darkness
For those who blaspherin' my name
Call the court and I won't rest till there all inside there grave
[Chorus: R. Coes] 4x
Kieght Rieduz. Here we come
1,2 Here we come for you
3,4 We takin' over the world
5,6 You have no time to repent
7,8 Anti-Saint
9,10 The sun Is setting comin' from the under land