ARTIST(s):      Krayzie Bone
SONG TITLE:   Look at You Now (Skit)
ALBUM:            Thug Mentality 1999
[a couple in a car with light music playing]
Man: yeah shit, so what's up now baby? [lights up]
Woman:: it's about that time for me to be gettin' home.
Man: you ain't got to be goin' home now, it's still kinda early.
Woman: no, i got school in the morning baby. it's time for me to be gettin' home.
Man: you mean to tell me that your people goin' be trippin' if you stay out a couple more hours.
Woman: you know my mother.
Man: this' bullshit.
Woman: whatever.
Man: look, so what's up anyway? what do you wanna be doin' right now? what's happenin'?
Woman: i told you, baby, i need to get home.
Man: let's go get a room or somethin', chill for a couple hours. b got some bud-n-shit.
Woman: baby, you know i don't get down like that.
Man: what you mean you don't get down like that? shit.
Woman: you know i ain't that type of lady.
Man: man, we just got throu doin' all this shit, i be fuckin' with you all this time.Tthis' how you gon' do me?
Woman: it ain't even like that.
Man: what you mean it ain't been like that, bitch? you got me twisted with some punk muthafuckers out there.
Woman: why i gotta be a bitch? wait-a-mintue we passin'...what are you doin' we passin' my house, nigga.
Take me home.
Man: bitch i ain't takin' you home, right now. we gon' do what the fuck i wanna do.
Woman: fuck this. fuck this, nigga, get the fuck off me. why don't you take me
The fuck home?
Man: bitch you better gove me the fuck i want.
Woman: why don't you just take me home?
Man: shut the fuck up. shut up. shut up. [slaps her] bitch [slaps]
Woman: no, fuck this i ain't shuttin' up.
Man: shut yo' ass up, bitch.
Woman: fuck you. fuck you, you ho-ass, nigga. get the fuck off of me. you better get the fuck off of me.
[clothes ripping] somebody help me. get the fuck off of me. [crying, scream that gets muffled]
-hook (krayzie)-
Look at you now
just take a look at yourself
you don't even know where you are
Going to (to...) you're movin' too fast
(you need to slow it down) you need to get out the fast lane and pace yourself
(...get it up for the love of my dummy, dummy)