ARTIST(s):      Layzie Bone & Young Noble
SONG TITLE:   That's The Shit
ALBUM:            Thug Brothers
[Chorus - Layzie Bone + Young Noble]
You got some money in ya pocket nigga - that's the shit
comin down on them twenty - fo's - that's the shit
You a pimp, and you mackin hoes - that's the shit
with ya pinky and ya neck froze - that's the shit
feelin good and you eatin good - that's the shit
You get respect in ya nieghborhood - that's the shit
with a style they can't fuck with - that's the shit
young, black, and comin up big - that's the shit
[Verse 1 - Young Noble]
Yo pockets full and it's friday - that's the shit
white tee, new fit, with the crispy kicks
keepin it real regular nigga - that's the shit
still ahead of the competitors with authentic thug scriptures
reppin my set nigga - that's the shit
I been a Outlaw every since a baby bitch
when the hoes get to choosin - that's the shit
cause I know we all fuckin, we all gettin it in
when shit go accordin to plan - that's the shit
cause at the end of the night we all got money to split
when you catch e'm by suprise, damn - that's the shit
You thought I wouldn't make it, you though I wouldn't rise again
And when we walk up in the spot dogg - that's the shit
they look like is that them boys, yeah that's them
when you prove all the doubters wrong - that's the shit
Bone Thugs and them Outlaws - that's the shit
[Verse 2 - Layzie Bone]
Just got me a new Lac with 4 do's nigga - that's the shit
brand new 20 inches with fresh vouges had to have that shit
slam the do's on my Cadi Coupe, crank it up and smash the gas
I really don't know where I'm headed yet but I'm leanin hard chasin cash
bobbin through the grimey streets fillin quarters, takin notes
You know these folks is watchin me, so you know I gots to watch these folks
that's the shit - playin for keeps off in this dirty game
thuggin and lovin to get me some change
till the day I die keep doin my thing, I'm goin against the grain
after the rats with the cheese
these boys in the industry wanna break bread you feelin me
from Detroit, to Minnesota, Sacramento, North Dakota
I'm kickin it when you see me dogg I'm from Cleveland we rollers hold up
let me expose ya baby - we's the shit
livin legends in ya presence, Pac and Eazy bitch
that nigga Hollis pushin buttons while we blowin a sack
in the Sac with sack and nigga that's just that
[Verse 3 - Young Noble]
A super sack of that sticky green - that's the shit
fuckin with sack gettin plenty green - that's the shit
when Big Hollis on the track nigga - that's the shit
I know at any given time it could come out a hit
when I'm reppin my squad nigga - that's the shit
we all born Outlaws and that's just sick
in the booth spittin truth nigga - that's the shit
when you stick to the rules nigga - that's the shit
[Verse 4 - Layzie Bone]
Young Noble and Layzie Bone nigga - that's the shit
collaboration real niggaz on some classic shit
And I love the game because it love me that's how positive niggaz navigate
jumpin out of Navigators, brushin off they alligators
that's the shit - cause real reconize real
break bread, get money nigga hundred dollar bills
You a hustler and you know it couple dollars in ya pocket
put ya hands up in the air and scream - that's the shit
[Chorus] - repeat 'til end