ARTIST(s): Bone Thugs n Harmony
ALBUM: Strength & Loyalty
[Krayzie Bone]
With the heater, 9 mil-limeter {*echoes*}
[Chorus 2X: Krayzie Bone]
Go loco with the heater, 9 mil-limeter
9-millimeter, millimeter, millimeter, pop pop
Go loco with the heater, 9 mil-limeter
9-millimeter, millimeter, millimeter, pop pop
[Krayzie Bone]
Nigga get ready for the big payback
Been thuggin and keepin it gully since way back
Lot of niggaz been talkin, they runnin they mouths barkin
Runnin around false, they claimin they want a weapon to rob us
My record is flawless, my method is lawless
I'm a automatic weapon nigga you just a target
The number one artist from the +Land of Tha Heartless+
fin' to get ya, hit ya nigga they couldn't call it
One nigga left and they talkin 'bout we ain't happenin
So we had to give that up and make 'em recognize platinum
Look at everybody rappin just like I'm rappin
Niggaz gotta admit it that Bone Thugs is the master
They die... and there's no competition (no competition)
Tear the roof off the motherfucker
I put a boot off in a motherfucker's ass, still down to blast
or clash with any one of you niggaz who start
We ain't trippin off of none of you niggaz (whoo)
Leatherface the boy is back
With a little bit of action bring it, rap it, sing it
Bust it, whatever dawg
Whatever y'all wanna do I'm with it, wicked (wicked)
[Wish Bone]
Mmmmmm I done had a mil', took a mil', blew a mil'
Still in the streets, that's how I live (I live)
It don't mean a damn thing
Still got a little change, believe me comin in (in)
Shit I pass a nigga, seen a lot of niggaz point him out
Point him out, "That's him here"
It's about to be easy with a big cast eat him up, send him on his way
Kick him in his ass, have a nice DAY
Went the wrong way, got a lot to say
It can get so murderous, murderous
Touchin us never that, Bone Thugs still the crack
Crack and I can't lay back on the comeback
Spit on these niggaz, spit on these niggaz
Round up any of you niggaz, any of you niggaz
Won't be no recognizin niggaz
Just one warnin impatient, one time only okay?
Don't repeat myself, bad for my health
Don't wanna do that, rather spray
Catch me on the wrong day, catch me on the wrong day
Better stay out my way, better stay out my face
That's the last thing you wanna do, Thugs true
Sing the blues, I shoot at you now you move
[Layzie Bone]
Y'all know how I feel about fake niggaz
Bitch niggaz, snitch niggaz, ain't no love for them
Put a nigga in his place, momma cryin at the wake
That's right, that's what a nigga does for them
I play above the rim (I play above the rim)
With no lames in my circle cause I love to win
With the real ass niggaz with the Thug in them
And if you talk too much I put a slug in them
Oh no, don't play with him Lay, gon' get him
If Wish don't get him then Kray gon' get him
Straight up, we spit 'em
with a 9 on my side and I slide to the rhythm
Let me slow it down
In case you didn't catch my drift
Lift a nigga up out his shoes
Trigger finger not hesitant
Fuck it... let me speed it up
Hit him like the ammunition comin from my heater
Y'all niggaz can't see these Thugs
Seventeen shots from the 9-millimeter
On the creep with the night vision
Infrared beams pointed at your dome
Can't wait to see a nigga response
when I rip that vest with the teflon teflon