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In this section we explore a brief history of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's past in the form of a timeline. Find out the facts of this dominating force in Hip-Hop, from births to album releases, everything is in here.

1973: Stanley Howse, aka 'Flesh-n-Bone' is born in Cleveland Ohio, USA.

1974: Anthony Henderson, aka 'Krayzie Bone' is born in Cleveland Ohio, USA.

1974:  Steven Howse, aka 'Layzie Bone', and Charles Scruggs, aka 'Wish Bone', are born in Cleveland Ohio, USA.

1976:  On september 12th the youngest of the group, Bryon McCane, aka 'Bizzy Bone', is born in Cleveland Ohio, USA.

1990:  Layzie Bone is caught selling drugs and is forced to move to Texas, USA, to live with his uncle and aunt.

1993:  Bone Thugs-n-harmony release their first effort, "Faces of Death", under the name 'Bone Enterpri$e', on the record label, Ruthless Records.

1994:  Bone Thugs give a backstage audition to Eazy E, after his show in Cleveland, after months of trying to contact him, Eazy is impressed and gives Bone a contract for his Record label, Ruthless Records. Bone thugs-n-harmony release their first official album, "Creepin on ah Come Up", which went to sell over two million copies.

1995:  Bone Thugs-n-harmony release their next album, "E.1999 Eternal", which debut at #1 in the pop charts. Their record beating, smash-hit single, "Tha Crossroads", went on to win a Grammy. Later in 1995, Bone Thugs' mentor, Eazy-E, is diagnosed with HIV, a while later he is then diagnosed with full blown AIDS virus, and a few weeks later Eazy-E, aka Eric Wright, passes away. R.I.P.

1996:  On November 19th, Flesh-n-Bone releases his first solo album "T.H.U.G.S: Trues Humbly United Gatherin' Souls". Flesh struggled to release both of his solo albums amid a series of legal problems. Unfortunately, the album didn't live up to some peoples expectations, and also didnt receive too good reviews.

1997:  Bone thugs-n-harmony release their double disc album "The Art of War", featuring late artist Tupac Shakur. later that year Bizzy Bones father, Byron Carlos, passes away.

1998:  In April Krayzie Bone releases his first solo album, "Thug Mentality", a double disc set, and the album does very well, giving Krayzie excellent reviews from various sources. A few months later, Bizzy Bone releases his first solo album "Heaven'z Movie", the album did well, and gave Bizzy a good foundation for a future solo career. Later Bone thugs-n-harmony release "The Collection, Volume 1", greatest hits and remix collection of their previous efforts as a group, also including unreleased tracks.

1999:  Krayzie Bone starts Thugline Records, his own Record label.

2000:  Amid many rumours that the group have broken up, Bone thugs-n-harmony release "BTNHResurrection" which stops all rumours. But unfortunately for bone, Flesh-N-Bone is sentenced to 11 years in a California state prison for threatening a friend with an AK-47. Soon after been sentenced Flesh-n-Bones second solo album he was working on before hand was released under the title "5th Dog Let Loose". Despite all the trouble and controversy surrounding BTNH they still manage to release another album in the same year in the form of "The Collection Volume Two", the second collection of Bone's greatest hits so far, remixed and originals, and some previously unreleased tracks.

2001:  Layzie Bone releases his first solo album "Thug By Nature" under the alias L-Burna. The album isnt a huge commercial success but establishes Layzie with an excellent status as a solo artist! Bizzy Bone then releases his second solo album "The Gift", the album is more of a success than Thug By Nature and again proves Bizzy as one of the stronger members of BTNH. Further strengthening rumours BTNh are about to split, Krayzie Bone follows suit and drops his massive debut solo effort "Thug Mentality". The album is more successfull than any other previous bone solo, with help from a long list of high status artists featuring on the albums roster. The album not only features some hit singles, inlcuding 'Thug Mentality', but proves Krayzie as the 'head' of the group, and establishes him as a superb solo artist and a lyrical talent to match no other!

2002:  This year saw Bone Thugs once again hit back at their critics and the media surrounding the break-up rumours, as they dropped their album "Thug World Order". The album doesnt dissapoint and is packed full of new BTNH gems, and also the more commercialised track "Home" featuring Phil Collins on the chorus, the single was also a smash hit and seemed to throw BTNH back were they belonged, on MTVand radio stations worldwide! But despite the albums success the rumours are confirmed as the groups most controversial and troubled member, Bizzy Bone, leaves, or was kicked out of the group. This came as a big shock to all BTNh fans and but the groups future into doubt!

2003:  Unfortunately for fans of Bone thugs-n-harmony, 2003 didnt seem to be a better year, as BTNH move away from Ruthless Records. Most fans didnt see this as a surprise as Ruthless were not only a weak performer in the Hip Hop world today, but their owner, Tomica Wright was not working in the intrests of Bone Thugs, and also BTNH were known to be on a very bad contract, so the move was not unexpected, but did cause even more doubt as to the groups future together!

2004:  BTNH fans are treated to two new albums from the 'ex' BTNH member Bizzy Bone, in 2004, as he releases his third solo album "Alpha & Omega" and also "The Beginning and The End" (an Internet Only release). Bone say that for now they want to concentrate on making a few solo efforts rather than a group album! Ruthless Records, Bone's ex-label, who are in need of cash at this time, release Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Greatest Hits album and also a Greatest Videos DVD, the album and DVD contain no previosuly unheard material.

2005:  Krayzie Bone relases his much delayed, but still very much anticipated release, 'Gemini: Good Vs Evil'. The album itself was once again another masterpiece from Krayzie Bone in all areas, but suffered hugely from its backers, Ball'r Records, who just didnt have the funds in place in order to promote the album to give it the success it deserved! Also in 2005, Layzie Bone and Bizzy Bone the true BTNH brothers, release their duet album "Bone Brothers". The album shows that BTNh still have a fture as a group as all members feature in the album, and the albums quality shines in every track! The album featured the hit single "Hip Hop Baby" and also reached number 64 in the US Billboard charts! Later in the year Bone thugs announce there will be another group effort from them due for release in 2006 and rumours start flying about they will soon sign to Swizz Beatz! Layzie Bone then drops another solo album "Its Not A Game" which has minor success, only due to the strong following Bone Thugs have no doubt. Bizzy Bone releases his next solo album in the form of 'Speaking In Tongues' on his newly signed to Indie music label. The album does very well and recieves Bizzy alot of positive media attention, which was needed following a very bad year for him, both in and out of the press. The albums success and its unique style gain Bizzy the respect of the media as an artist following his recent problems in which people were even questioning Bizzy's sanity and mental stability. He even signs a deal to do a web-based reality tv show, the show, just liek all of Bizzy's albums, was a unique insight not only into bizzy's life, but also bone thugs, and hip hop as a whole.

To be continued.............

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