ARTIST(s):        Bone Thugs N Harmony feat. Mo Thugs Family
SONG TITLE:      Mo'Thug Family Tree
ALBUM:              Art Of War
BY:                      Loenatic(rifhat)*

Yeah! Come on, come on, come on
This is my family
This is my family, my family [x2]
Mo Thug music (Sing-sing-sing, sing along, sing along) [x2]
It's all about Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug, (sing along, sing along) 
Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug, 
(sing-sing-sing, sing along, sing along) Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug
My family, oh, it means so much to me
Everywhere we go, playa haters gonna hate and that's for sure
My family tree recruited on this thugsta groove
Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
[Tony Tone]
I love my family
And this Mo Thug family, you mean the world to me
Heaven's where we gonna be
[Boogy Nikke]
...Together we stand
Together we fall, ya'll
I never turn my back on y'all
I got my halo cocked, goin' out with y'all, ya'll
Come look at this world that's ever so cruel
But the good Lord blessed us
Gave me true family I can depend on
500 Benz with the Synchro rims on
Now I can get off when the wind blow
But I'd like to thank you, Jesus Christ
For givin' for givin' up Your life for us
Now, I can think twice, 'fore roll the dice
Advice from a thug, tell mommy I love her everyday, think of her
Take a look at your thugs to the front of the line
Hear the thunder grind off in my mind
We done partied overtime
Destruction, terror, oh what an era! 
Let's get it together 'fore it's over
Be a soldier like my Mo Thug family
[Cat Cody]
They never ever turned their backs on me (backs on me!) 
When I was down (I was down!) 
My Mo Thugs (Ohhhhh!) was always around
And if there comes a time to pick or choose (pick or choose) 
My Mo Thugs won't never lose (Don't ya know your gonna lose!) 
We are the thugs
Yeah, we be those children (Gotta be that child) 
We gotta keep on thuggin', that's how we make our livin'
(Gotta make my money, man, it's still the same, yeah)
You know who I be, once again, comin' at you
It's Jhaz, megablast, top-class, black Jag, cream rag
Playa, better check your hand, look out for the New Breed
...Females comin' for you, Mo Thug family roots runs too deep
'Brina trippin' on these haters surroundin' us trues on a daily basis
Smiling faces, jealous of this Mo Thug flippin' on the risin' status
[Ken Dawg (TrĂc)]
Yeah, yeah! My family, (It's my family, Mo Thug) 
yeah my family, Mo Thug
Tell me who the coldest (the coldest) playa you know? 
I know for sure, sure
Rollin' with Mo, rollin' with Mo (rollin'), you'll fall, gotta go
'Cause we survivin' these remainin' years
When the smoke clears, no fear
(No, no fear) No tears, no tears
When there's a problem I can't solve (I can't solve) 
My family gets involved
We've been here through thick and thin
On my thugs I can depend
[Souljah Boy]
Been down from the getty-go, since any of yo'
Can you feel me though? 
Mo Thug takin' over from the north to west
Wanna test? 
Better come prepared with your Smith-n-Wess'
Now learn the lesson, stop stressin', be true to the game! 
Mo Thug runnin' everythang, everythang, everythang
We are soldiers now (we are soldiers now!) 
We want to thank you (we want to thank you!) 
For the time you took (time that you took, heeeeey!) 
To listen to our funky groove
We are soldiers now (we are soldiers) 
We want to thank you (yeah) 
For the time you took to listen to our funky groove (soldiers now)
I guess if it was not for them blessings
Weak evil thought would control my whole existence
We preach and speak true belief from within
This family tree would fall, crumble like Sodom, Gomorrah
Can't duck, can't run from the cut
Back up! 
The wasteland field, peel for mine
The deal, how the clique be real with it
My family tree standin' strong
Natural born in the world of madness, no gladness
Leave a nigga insane
Gotta change my way 'fore the darkest day
Clickin' tight 'til the end with the gang
Come on, come on and swing this way (swing this way) 
It got to be harmony
Evil be done wicked erased, erased
Humbly united gatherin' souls understood
Mo Thug, Mo Thug, love 'em like one of my own
Hold on, I bet you we'll never go wrong if 
We stay strong against the evil that be tryin' to split ya
He, who gets conflict, must just be weak
It's gettin' clearer and clearer, clearer
Enemies want to break my family down, pinnin' it
If we ever needed the Lord, we need Him now
Amen, Amen! Bless the Mo Thug children
And could you watch over mine for me? 
Get up, get pumped, do what ya want just don't insult my game
Nigga, this is a family thang
'Til I take one to the brain, I'll remain the same, same
You look out for me, I'll look out for you
This is what you do to unite your trues
It's all about Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug, 
Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug, 
Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug [x2]
It's all about Mo Thug, Mo Thug