ARTIST(s):      Bone Thugs n Harmony
ALBUM:            The Collection: Volume Two
[Bizzy Bone]
We still from good ol' Cleveland IA
We blast away, fuck scrapping, the original thugs
East 99 is where ya find me slangin' me llello daily
Oh, Cleveland is the city where we come from
Cleveland is the city where we come from
[Chorus 4x - Bizzy Bone, Flesh-n-Bone]
we're still from good ol' Cleveland I.A
livin & lastin
blast away, fuck scrapping
[Bizzy Bone]
Me and my militant minded thug-ass [put it on my thugs] mothafuckin' niggaz
ya bitch-made mothafucka! Let my niggaz be niggaz
figure mutiny on the bounty
ain't no scrutiny, you know how to call when you in the county
bitch. Goony was half the craft just one of my stud-ies
You moody-ah, where your Luchi at?
I know where that poochy's at, you boochie ass
Pretty boy, you was a fag
I think he a fuckin' whiteboy
I'm a motorcycle
I was born to ride pscycho
Baby, I'm even worse than before
Mom, can I call when I'm lost? In a coffin of ??hotsauce??
finna fall in for sure. Roach killas got money for thuggin' niggaz
he don't got no doja, and sho 'nuff ain't got no scrilla
and sho' nuff he don't got no scrilla told ya
Helplessly claim that I shorted you out
voted you out, closed you out
Nigga, you know what this business about
Got my dick in your mouth
I got my dick in your mouth [take it out]
These niggaz better duck when I buck my tool
nigga, break yo'self, just drop, don't move
Nonetheless Flesh must unfold hot, hot glocks
drop, stalkin' gat fools
Ready to pap you if we have to, I do
Really don't know what's happenin'
Stack go thuggin' with the killas way back
rollin' out, and our goal: to go tripple platinum
T's, killas from off St. Clair
then all hell's fin to break loose. If you declare war
I declare war, sendin' my troops, swoop through
In come nuclear warheads, slay
I'm sendin' it, yo, when I pull the trigger missles drop
then I make your body move, dance hater
Y'all ain't ready and steady thinkin' you fuck with the thugs
Oh damn, you niggaz got tons of swift
sharp like a double-edged machette
We rollin' out, heated heavily
fifty calliburs and AKs
No love for the mothafuckin' po po
kill 'em all and piss on they fuckin' grave
Cleveland, better believe it
we stay thievin' every last evening. I'ma retreat
but proceed with ease
Leavin' 'em, Cleveland until they go home bleedin'
Me and hustlas down for the money
murder and mayhem
C Land I.A., I.A
where them heartless thugs bail thru the wasteland
[Bizzy Bone]
All this damn chronic concoct me out some hellafied Tonic
See, we be the honest, promise to bring the bomb shit
Blow you away, put it on my thugs
put it on my thugs. Yeah, yeah