ARTIST(s):        Joe Budden
SONG TITLE:     Big Shot
ALBUM:              None (on a mixtape)
BY:                      RapCentral.co.uk

[Verse 1: Budden]
Yeah yeah, its ya boy boy, listen to em
I think maybe the steroids is finally gettin to em
Or maybe its people believin all the hard raps
Or maybe it's the tank tops with the bra straps
Maybe he's really believing he's a Heeving like dude he stole his name from
dude aint the Same none
nuthin's hard Body about him he's like Puddin
so here we are Feet in the floor wit his White Goodman
so i can sit & wait til ur Team just Sobb's
or i can go and get u Picked no Screens Involved
i get u Off'd For a Clip no Fiend's Involved
or we can take it One Further, Get Queens Involved
where the know he went to jail, Never over a Banger
but he Went to Bootcamp, Not in Pop wit The Gangsta's
sorta like Yayo who stayed in D.C.
and u can Ask anybody up in MDC
but i guess he's a tough guy now that He's Free
but doin that type of Jail Time is Easy
but its not Beneath Me, really i Gives a Fuck
i can put a the Whole Unit on the Next "Nip & Tuck"
BUT, he keeps his duded in Check, i keep it Real Wit Them
He Punched Banks in the Face and He's Still Wit Him
dont worry about me puttin Clips in The 40
to Pistol Whip Lloyd cause 50 will do it For Me
[Verse 2: Budden]
Far as the kid Game he's Lame to Say the Least
he's mad he's from the West so he Converted to The East
all they talk about him & his man that they Blast Pounds
but when u see him he's just Dancing in the Background
I tore Game Apart
thought by now this Asshole would have a Change Of Heart
Especially when i got the Tape of this GANGSTA on Change Of Heart
Teary Eyed cause his Shorty had a Change OF Heart
but i smell something fishy theres a Con in the Air
Slacks, his tongue pierced, Streaks Blonde in His Hair\
who's he Playin Wit, keep Sayin Shit
and your body will take the same tour Reagans Did
Still trying to get a buzz embarressed the kids hurtin
hes reachin, hes losing his head hes Nick Berg man
and as far as Banks & Buck im done Discussin them
i only beef wit Ni99a's that Own Publishing
F*ck Curtis youre a bum & youre almost done
same artist you were dissin is what uve become
saw him at Summer Jam & all he did was stare
walked on stage all ya heard was Chairs (They Threw The Chairs)
dont be Seen No More, he's a Queen No More
He cant even step foot in Queens No More
sellin his soul, Banks i hope ur Proud of Ur Father
now we all see "The Power Of A Doller"