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   » Official Site:  Canibus.com
   » Related Artists:  Eminem, Master P, Beanie Sigel
       LL Cool J



Canibus vs. LL Cool J
  As every hip-hop fan knows, LL Cool J is one of the most established rappers in the Hip Hop game. He has released numerous successfull albums and singles, he has featured on many Soundtracks, starred on guest appearances and much more. For an artist to beef with LL, its normally for a reason as most have respect for the man, so heres the info behind the Canibus fued with LL!

  LL was finishing off his auto-biographical album "Phenomenon" and decided to make a track called "4,3,2,1" this would be, without a doubt, one of the best tracks on the album. He had lined up a star studed line of rappers; Redman, Method Man, DMX (who had been working in Hip Hop for a while but was pretty unknown at the time) and Canibus. Back then, Canibus was a rapper of whom LL admired, or some say, a rapper he envied. Canibus' lyrics were like no-one elses, he includes intellectual phrases, messages, multi-syllable words all into freestyles.

  LL invited the group of rappers to a recording studio to rhyme on the track. Up first was Redman, then Method Man, DMX and finally Canibus. Once the group had left LL listened to the verses. When he got to Canibus' verse he encountered (what he thought) a verse which insulted him. It referred to his status and his tattoo (a mic on his arm). LL decided to aim his verse on the track at Canibus as some sort of warning to keep his mouth closed. LL phoned Canibus and confronted him. Canibus stated that it wasn't an insult but LL managed to convince Canibus that LL would change his verse if Canibus would. Canibus came back into the studio and recorded the verse without the line: "Yo LL. Is that a mic on your arm? Let me borrow that!".

  A while later the track was released. Canibus' verse was changed but LL's verse was still the same completely dissing Canibus on the track. And for the "4,3,2,1" video, Canibus shot his part separately, and LL didn't include it into the video until 2-3 months later.

  Canibus had allegedly already been verbally attacked by Redman but took no notice. Canibus wasn't pleased with LL and decided to call him to let him know how he was feeling about the situation. Canibus and LL Cool J had a 12 minute phone conversation where Canibus explains to LL what his perspective on the whole situation is and they talk about how to make things right wihout (further) career damage. In the phone conversation LL said that they could do another collaboration within the next 2 or 3 months to make it all right, but that track was never recorded. Canibus became even more mad and along with Mike Tyson and Wyclef he produced the diss track "2nd Round K.O.". This track was produced by Wyclef, featured Mike Tyson and had Canibus insulting everything that LL was known for.

  The track "2nd Round K.O." insulted LL's family, his TV show, his body, his attitude and basically it insulted everything about him. With lines like "I'll kick you in the groin, hit you in the head, stick you for your Van Guard award infront of your moms, your first, second and third born" and the line, "Frontin' like a drug free role model you disgust me, I know niggas that see you smoke weed recently."

  Much of the Hip Hop community were both shocked and engrosed in this beef, they sat back and watched it progress. For the "Bulworth" soundtrack, Dr. Dre was set to do a comeback track with Snoop Dogg, re-forming their original deep Death Row alliance. There were legal problems in clearing this so LL took Snoops place on the track. LL's verse on this track, a trakc called "Zoom", was said to be his reply to "2nd Round K.O.", but all in all it contained a pretty weak verse by LL, and fans weren't happy with this reply.

  But "Zoom" wasn't the reply, not in the slightest. LL wasn't content on being insulted on such a wide scale so he produced "The Ripper Strikes Back", a track which was a retaliation towards Canibus. In this track LL insulted Canibus and he also insulted Wyclef and lastly Mike Tyson. So all performers on Canibus' assualt on LL received a verbal attack.

  Canibus made various appearances after "The Ripper Strikes Back", and he wasn't all that bothered. All LL had said basically about Canibus were things like; "49lbs and trying to be a mobster" and "You know you watch the sitcom nigga stop lying". Nothing which really could be taken as too offensive. The funny thing is that on "The Ripper Strikes Back", LL keeps saying as a sort of chorus "Can-I-Bus? Yes you can!".

  However, the other two parties involved in "2nd Round K.O." were offended. Wyclef had been referred to as "that Bob Marley impostor" and various other things. Wyclef decided that he would retaliate with "What's Clef Got To Do With It?" (later released as "What's Clef"). This track wasn't as powerful as Canibus' but still enabled Clef to defend himself. Later LL Cool J then responded to that with the diss track called "Rastah Imposter".

  Canibus now has a tattoo on his arm of a mic with a fist around it, on the knuckles of the fist are the numbers: 4,3,2,1.

  Now we move onto Mike Tyson, LL had a range of insults he threw towards him. "Heard that convicted rapist on the record too, straight out of jail, ass cheeks still black and blue". It was no doubt, that Tyson received the largest offensive amount of insults from LL's track.

  On LL's side, for a long while a kid from Philadelphia named Meddafore has made a diss cut towards Canibus entitled "Lightwork", the track has been circulating around the underground for a while. There are/were a lot of rumours surrounding an artist called Headkrak. Headkrak is down with Canibus and Wyclef and rumours circulated that he created a diss track to Meddafore. These rumours were put forth to Headkrak, in actual fact there was no diss track. Headkrak is down with Canibus but didnt want to get involved in this beef. Also, along with Meddafore some other MC's started dissing Canibus out of nowhere.

  While in the UK in January of 2001, Canibus did a live session where he finally came back at LL hard (a few days later it was also performed in Amsterdam). This diss would later be turned into a track called "Rip The Jacker" (aka "I'm Bad") and begin to circulate on the internet and on Canibus' mp3.com website.

  LL Cool J has unfortunately retired, so it's unlikely we'll hear anymore replies from him. The last track he made towards Canibus was on his G.O.A.T. album. A track called "Back Where I Belong" featuring Ja Rule on the hook. So all in all, the beef seems over with, but it will be remembered.



Canibus Vs Eminem
 Canibus' beef with Eminem started in 1998, before Eminem was signed. Eminem spoke on how the beef with Canibus started on Tim Westwood's hip-hop show, were Em stated how Wyclef and Canibus approached him in 1998 (before Em blew up) and asked if he ghost-wrote the lyrics to LL Cool J's "The Ripper Strikes Back" which was a diss to Canibus. After Eminem denied writing the song, he explains that Canibus was rude to him. Canibus came to see him on the 'Warped Tour' the following year and apologised for his reactions and asked if Eminem was still up for doing collaboration. Canibus presented Eminem with the track "Phuk U" from the 2000 B.C album, Eminem wasn't feeling the track and turned it down. His reason was he thought that it sounded like it was directed toward him and LL, but he couldn't really tell.

  Eminem made numerous name drops on the 'Slim Shady LP', which could have been taken either way. Lines like "I'm cancerous, so when I diss you wouldn't wanna answer this If you responded back with a battle rap you wrote for Canibus" could have been taken as a diss or a compliment. Eminem also mentioned Canibus in a track called 'Get You Mad' which was on Sway & Tech's 'This Or That' album, the lyrics were "Lesson Three: Get a job at a label; switch demos with Canibus and put yours on the owner's table".

  Shortly after Eminem's sophomore LP 'Marshall Mathers LP' dropped, Canibus decided to continue the story of Stan. 'Stan' was the third single to be released from the 'Marshall Mathers LP' and told a story about a crazed fan who eventually drove himself off a bridge because Eminem didn't write a letter back to him. The first skit on Canibus' third release entitled 'C True Hollywood Stories' was 'Stan Lives' where Canibus witnesses Stan driving off the bridge and he pulls over and helps him. This leads into the first track of the album called 'U Didn't Care'. In the track Canibus takes the role of Stan and writes to Eminem. He mentions the time when they met "Matta fact, I think he met you/ It was the day you came to his video shoot with DJ, Jimmy's nephew/ 'Clef stepped to him and told him he should step to you/ That you was ghost writing for L, but that wasn't true/ You was looking at him the same way I'm looking at you/ Why can't we be friends Em', I don't want nothing from you". Then the most talked about diss of the Cnaibus' album came, "You see there's a little bit of Stan in all of us/ Tell me where you think all of these record sales sparred from/ Talking 'bout Britney and Christina Aguilera/ N'sync too, have you ever looked in a mirror?/ Your hair ain't really blonde, and ya eyes ain't blue/ So never diss me, cuz when you diss me you're dissin you..". Canibus also had another skit on the album involving Stan where they are sitting in a limousine chatting, 'Stan' offers Canibus an M&M; and Bis replies with "I don't eat M&M;'s (Eminem)".

  After hearing this album Eminem fired a few more shots at Canibus on various tracks, First there was 'Squaredance' Track 5 from his third album 'The Eminem Show' where Em spits "Can-I-Bitch don't want no beef with slim no..." and he also calls him 'Canadabis' at the end of the track. Apart from that, there were a few subliminal disses scattered throughout the album on tracks such as 'When the music stops' and 'Say what you say' and the intro to the first single 'Without Me' where he uses the "Round the outside" part of Canibus boxcutter track.

  With no reply from Canibus, Eminem continued to diss him. A track from Xzibit's 4th release 'Man Vs Machine' called 'My Name' Eminem spits the line "I'd rather have my mothafucking ass whooped by Moby/ 'fore I let some bitch in a can like Bis cop over me".

  November 19th 2002 Canibus dropped his 4th release 'MicClub: The Curriculum' almost out of the blue. Two of the tracks on the album had Eminem references. 'Dr. C Ph. D' was aimed mainly at Eminem. Nearing the end of the track gives it away "to tell you the truth, I thought your rebuttal was weak/ round the outside, blah, blah, etceteras, etceteras/ the body of my literature is bigger than South America/ nigga look, this is all I gots to say/ suck my P-H-D-I-C-K". Then came big diss of the album on the track 'Curriculum 101' where Caibus spits: "Anybody better than Bis must be a hoax/ Black man NO/ what about the great white hope?/ What? Man you must be sniffing' some great white coke/ Don't you know that's like Gary Coleman fighting' the hulk/ Still not even quite that close/ A great white biting your rubber dingy boat 50 miles out from the coast/ What the fuck is the MATHERS with you/ I beat you black and blue, then I get a tat of you too/ Better yet I put a tattoo of me on you/ A 10 by 10 "C" logo, neon blue".

  Canibus has been on a few radio stations giving Eminem props for his lyrical ability, and also the latest Eminem diss track to Benzino 'Nail in the coffin' sounds like it could be giving Canibus some props too. "Life's a bitch ain't it Raymond/ Here, let me break this shit down in laymen's terms for you just to make sure that you can understand this/ And Canibus ain't using too many complicated fucking words for you/ Here, let me slow it down for you so that you can understand if I say it slower/ Let it go dog it's over".

  On Canibus' mixtape entitled 'The Brainstream' Canibus has touched on the beef subject "But I heard him call my name a couple times, in a couple of his rhymes and I thought about it a couple of times/ Is he lookin for a response or is he being a jerk? Or am I just too involved in my work? I thought to myself, "why he put my name in his verse?" when he said I wasn't ill he just made things worse".

  During December of 2003, a track called "Can-I-Bitch" emerged on the internet from Eminem. Some say it was recorded quite a while ago, during the beefs high point, however no-one knows for certain. The track is over a pop-style beat, almost similar to "Without Me". Eminem attacked Canibus in a humerous manner, a way which appeared to be an attempt at winding Canibus up more than insulting him. Lyrics such as "99% of my fans are blonde, Bis come on answer me man respond!" made it clear that Eminem is ready for the beef to be taken to the next level. There are two rumours circulating as to how this track leaked. The first is that Benzino, co-owner of 'The Source' magazine managed to get hold of a copy of the song and released it in an attempt to create more problems for Eminem. The second theory is that Eminem leaked it himself to divert attention away from the recent press he has received regarding the tracks in which he uses racial slurs, we'l leave you to make your own presumptions about that though.



Canibus Vs Wyclef Jean
 Wyclef Jean first met Canibus via Jay-Z at a party in New York. Wyclef quickly offered to take him under his wing and make him a star. They hooked up, Wyclef putting Canibus on tours etc. The Smoking Grooves Tour had Canibus performing on stage beside a Lion.

  Things were going good for Canibus and 'Can-I-Bus', his debut, was soon to hit the streets. Wyclef and his crew would handle production - with Canibus' raw, creative lyrics, no-one thought there would be a problem. Canibus held up his side of the bargain. Spitting good verses song after song but the production? It was horrible. The slow RnB type of sound wasn't what went with Canibus and it didn't take a genius to figure that out. Canibus' album was totally hyped up but it was one of the biggest disappointments of the year. Canibus was hurt, angry and frustrated - and he had every right to be. He had worked so hard for this, and for what - to have it all thrown away by, in his own opinion, and many others, the incompetence of someone else (Wyclef).

  Canibus took action, he dropped Wyclef as manager and cut all ties, giving this statement:
"When we were on the Smokin' Grooves [Tour] and everything," Canibus said, "he was a manager, you know what I mean. [Wyclef] helped me get on Smokin' Grooves. He helped put certain things on soundtracks, like the 'Bulworth' track. He helped me produce the album, and he was like a managerial source... We had a talk, and we kicked it and I feel like I should get management elsewhere, you know what I mean, because he's an artist and it's difficult for him to manage another artist."

  It was a very wise decision. He moved on and completed his second album '2000 B.C.'. On the song 2000 B.C., Canibus rhymes: "You mad at the last album I apologize for it, Yo, I can't call it 'motherfucking Wyclef spoiled it'.....". Nothing serious has developed because of this, the two artists were just too different for one another, simple as that.



Canibus Vs Beanie Sigel
 The Beanie Sigel beef started when Canibus was dissed on one of Beanie's tracks, in turn provoking Canibus to release the 'Who Ownz You' reply. The Beanie Sigel track was called "Put Yo Hands Up" and was mainly a diss to Jadakiss but in the song Beanie said the line "I rock ya bells like L, I aint Canibus Nigga."

  However, it does go a bit deeper than that. Beanie was a big Canibus fan. Journalist (who featured on the track 'Life Liquid' from the 2000 B.C album) and Beanie both grew up near each other. Beanie always used to say that Canibus won the battle with LL. After Beans dissed Canibus, he knew that Beans was full of it by saying Canibus won and then saying the opposite on his track, and therefore Canibus ripped in return Beans on 'Who Ownz You.'

  Although it seems strange that Canibus would dedicate a whole diss track towards Beanie just for that line, gettin at the R.O.C. probably had something to do with him making the track. Another reason for Canibus dissing him, perhaps, could be because he is signed to Rocafella Records, which Canibus goes at on 'I Gotta Story To Tell' from the '"C" True Hollywood Stories' (info) album. Canibus dislikes Jay-Z, so maybe he was using this song to get at Jay - by dissing one of his signed artists. However, Beanie has not replied to the diss.



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