ARTIST(s): Cassidy 
SONG TITLE: Kick It Wit' You 
ALBUM: I'm A Hustla 
This for the grown and sexy
This for the grown and sexy (grown and sexy)
This for the grown and sexy
This for the grown and sexy
[Verse 1]
If you down with me then I'm down with you
I lay a nigga down if he fuck around with you
And if you ride wit me I ride wit chu 
And if you stick by my side I'll provide for you 
And if you there for me I'll be there for you 
Through the laughter and tears I'll care for you 
And if you role wit me I'll role wit chu 
Be your friend till the end and grow old wit chu (boo) 
Peep it though 
I'm a pimp and I keep a hoe 
I met this on the low 
Freak like a week ago 
Yo I'm on the avenue 
And she was walking by while I'm coming out the store wit a bag or two 
I would of passed on her 
But mami had a ass on her 
That'll have u spending cash on her 
I move fast come on I'm like come here boo 
And she was nice from her shoes to her hair due 
Her bracelet was right she had jewels in her hair too 
Type that chu might make your wife in a year or two 
Yeah boo you officially nice that's why I'm trying to get wit chu tonight
I'ma hit chu iight? 
[Chorus 2x] 
Hey miss thang (your so sexy) 
Can we hang (I want to show you how I) 
Do my thang (I'ma getcha) I!! I jus wanna get wit chu 
[Verse 2] 
Now when i got to the spot i was ringing her phone 
like I'm thinking bout bringing you home 
But that ain't what its all about unless that's what chu thinking about 
I ain't fresh I'm jus taking you out 
Getcha nails done, getcha hair fixed do all of that and call me back on the cell sis 
I ain't the hell rich 
But I'm still gone fill you wit champagne stuff you with shell fish 
Lock still reppin Tony blue gotcha 
This lifestyle's only for mobstas 
I gotcha 
We goin to dinner spot round ten o'clock 
I'mma drive by beep da horn then spin the block
Let me know if you are down to row with me
[Chorus 2x]
[Verse 3]
Now when i went to get her we went to dinner and ate right 
But dis da late night im trynna see what her face like 
She ain't da first date type she got class 
But she dealin wit da Dee dot cash ya hurd dat? 
Got off da turnpike she like me to air dat 
I reached in my pocket and got it like hold up 
I passed her a dub and a dutchie like roll up 
Somethin came to me I made a u-whee you kno wat?! 
You playin games ma and I'm a player right 
But I ain't playin when I sayin u should stay da nite 
I'm sayin like if i ain poppin you off 
I'm gettin topped at da bus stop and droppin you off (yup!) 
Let me know if you are down to row with me
[Chorus 4x]