ARTIST(s): Cassidy 
SONG TITLE: Real Talk 
ALBUM: Split Personality 
back aginst the wall (they got my) 
back aginst the wall (they got my) 
back aginst the wall (they got my) 
back aginst the wall (they got my) 
full surface 
they got my back aginst the wall 
back against the wall 
they call me cassidy man..real talk 
Life is crule but you could choose your life and if you dont make the right
moves you could loose your life..and that aint cool its rules you gatta use
in life but ill make the news tryin to get some food to bite dudes drule
wen they see my cubes cubes of ice so i dont go no where with out the
tools at night..right!? 
this is for my niggaz tryin to choose they wife and my sisters tryin to
choose what dude they like they call (somethin somethin) cuz you prove
them right untill they get confuised the one choose they night.. and your
right hand man that you refuse to fight might stab you in the back but
wont use a knife..right?! dont get it confuised i move the white i get
creamed from the fenis that abuse the pipe.. i lyk money guns ice and a
lotta cake so stress is the price i guess i gatta pay 
haha that real talk right there cass (thats real talk baby) i mean the
streets can relate to this forreal ..back aginst the wall thats right.. 
yea you better play the the rules 
cuz im tellin you a lotta niggaz 
turn into fools get lost in the system 
and get jammed wit the 9 im tellin you man respect my man cass its 4real
in the buildin cuz the wires are talking 
Always tried to do it big but i had small paper.. now im doin it big my
friends want small favores ill see yall later cuz im tryin to stack and yall
are tryin to keep my back against the wall paper you think its easy to rap??
this shits hard lable i put years in it plus sweat and tear in it.. plug
your ears in it cuz this is real talk and this is some true shit and yall go
threw shit see baby girl she got a seed on the way and she dont no how
she ganna feed her lil seed everyday another young brother gone bleed
everyday we in the gutter that why we smoke weed everyday.. daddy
locked but hes innocent he cant afford a loyer in this public defender of
the generit and mami she just herd her doughter call she aint got no lights
and they bout to cut her water off 
well you know we all gone pay 
its a matter of time 
were ganna be good though dont worry bout it 
matter of time youll be straight 
do what you gatta do and stay focused 
you gatta put your time in it if you dont put your time in it then your ganna
get nun out of it so if you put your time in it then its your time 
im tryin to get out of the gutter look i dont cry for nothin this so my lil
brother wont be deprived for nothing(nothin) dogin duckin bustin beefin
and police man cuffs gone up(somethin) you could get stuck up by them
sluts you sleep with while your eatin it, suckin it, fuckin it, creepin it even
are young bucks is stuck on some street shit cutin school puffin plus
they freakin cussin speakin outragiously im tryin to get from grout A to Z
get a house and pay the fee get a spouse make a seed the kid cassidy
tellin it how it actully is i been stackin bread befor you look im gone and im
a crook every song they put me on and they aint no question in that and i
know ima blow i just pray for the rest of you cats 
that wut im sayin man (uh huh)you know the industry is what it is
(its what it is) the streets is what it is (its what it is) its a struggle
(its a struggle) and the end of the day(uh huh) the back is aginst the wall
(for real) how you gone come up outta that (uh huh) is on you man (its on you dog) 
they got my back aginst the wall 
back aginst the wall 
(the life i gatta pay) 
they got my back aginst the wall 
back aginst the wall 
(the life i gatta pay)