ARTIST(s):      Cassidy feat. Shiz Lansky from Larsiny
ALBUM:            B.A.R.S. - Barry Adrian Reese Story
To get away I got to pray that I'll
Make some cheese and get out these crazy streets
To get away I got to pray that I'll
Make some gwop and get off this crazy block
To get away I got to pray that I'll
Make some cake and get out this crazy place
To get away I got to pray that it'll
Be all good if I get oout this crazy hood and I pray
[Verse 1:]
I pray everyday for a better life but it's never a night
I ain't trying to get my cheddar right
make it better christ I'm on both of my knees
I"m trying to stop coppin' cope by the keys
I'm sorry father but I got to keep a toaster to squeeze I be stressin'
'cause the blessings I'm supposed to recieve I ain't gettin'
yo I'm supposed to succeed
but I didn't yo I didn't know 'cause I was naive
but now I'm gettin' dough my son gettin' plead
I hit the stage and spit a flow I rip the show
and make enough money to but a brick of snow
I get to travel to places you never get to go
so I got to move from the block I'm a lot richer yo
I'm a lot sicker yo I make hits quicker yo
when I blaze the haze and mix it with the liquor yo
niggaz know to get cake I need these streets so I'm a stay
but I pray that I could leave these streets everyday
[Verse 2:]
For a life full of transgressions is heaven harder than inner
are the roads to the pearly gates all for repenters is the harder the winter the harder the sinner
lord I blow so much kush the answers hard to remember
I know I ought to go to church and pay my tides
but I'd rather pay the hand I'm delt and wake my eyes
and I drop to my knees and I pray my god
that when you save my soul you save my squad
cause they some viscious killas that'll spare no life
they don't pray to our lie and they don't fear no christ
so don't where no ice
'cause they'll run up and clap you dummy
which proves my thoery the route to evil's the lack of money
so that's the reason why I stack my monet
I'm tryin to move from these streets and consentrate on this rapper money
[Verse 3:]
Man we supposed to be family and we all hood
if we all could get money it'll be all good
'cause we all street but we all deep
I'm tryin' to make more to make sure that we all eat
until we all fall then we get fed then get bread
we hustlin' to try to stop sufferin'
yea I put my L in the air I got love for them and everyday I pray that they stop strugglin'
for real