ARTIST(s):      Chamillionaire
SONG TITLE:   Morning News
ALBUM:            Ultimate Victory
Chamillitary mayne
[News Reader] 
"Fighting broke out overnight between rival factions
along the Israeli-Syrian border
Initial reports claim Israeli jet fighters bombed a guerilla base
killing at least 49 soldiers and 13 civilians
Damage to the base is said to be heavy and the Israeli jets
are reported to have made it back to their headquarters safely
A 49 year-old unidentified man went berserk last night
opening fire with a 12-gauge shotgun in a parking lot."
Terror alert, victory! I stay droppin that bombness
Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump stay arguin about nonsense
They'd treat me as good as Hugh Hef' if I had a mansion full of blond chicks
If adultery was a felony, then Clinton would be a convict
Put you in the same position and let's see what you'd really do
They tell me that I sold out if I execute the "No Snitchin'" rule
Sound like it was a good idea, 'til a murder happen to you
Dumb stupid as stupid dumb, either one you don't have a clue
Voice perfect for CNN but knew Larry King wouldn't hear it through
Bill O'Reilly's an idiot, he ain't the only one with an opinion fool
E-mail this to my publicist so the media is gonna hear it too
You get on TV and get at me then I'ma get on the CD and get at you
Uncle Sam says to pay your tax
Even just to learn gotta pay for class
This part-time hustle really ain't gon' last
So today's forecast is to make more cash
It's the news, news, news
Let 'em know the truth, truth, truth
It's the morning news, news, news
Let 'em know the truth, truth, truth
It's the morning news
In the strip club, BALLIN! Bill collector keep callin
You ain't even tryin to pay your bills, he show up and you dodgin
White man, BALLIN! Black man, STARVIN
Looks like Al Sharpton found another cause to get involved in
I can't hate to see a black man, and I don't hate to see a black hand
Crawlin into that cookie jar cause there's plenty dough up in that man
When you're black and you're educated, own people say "You ain't black man!"
Maybe black in your appearance but really whiter than Batman
CEO's are like slave masters and most of 'em don't even know it
Their employees are like slaves, work the bill but don't even own it
Your money right and your credit ain't, then the bank still won't loan it
If you on top and you ain't payin taxes I hope you enjoyin your moment
Hip-Hop, crunk music, hyphy music, snap music
Sound like a nursery rhyme, get a beat and rap to it
Ain't speakin wit a purpose I'ma call it crap music
Y'all got your boy gettin mad, my bad, let's back to it
Cigarettes is still causin cancer and chronic smoke'll still get you high
In the streets or in the sto' another couple dollars won't get you by
Truth is a Paris Hilton jail cover story could never fly
For that sexy mugshot I could get a million dollars a pop
Even Michael's in the media like to make examples outta people just like you
Get involved, and I bet they indict you
Go to jail, and I bet they don't write you
Yeah, you ain't got a college degree then they'll say you're not intelligent
And if your class ain't upper class then your opinion is irrelevant
Morning news! The world is crazy
Every day I gotta wake up to this nonsense
Silly rappers think I'm worried about a punchline
I show more purpose than your whole career in one line