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DIPSET, THE DIPLOMATS, FULL LIFE & CAREER BIOGRAPHY, Camíron, Jim Jones, Freekey Zeekey, Juelz Santana, J.R. Writer, Hell Rell, 40 Cal, and Jha Jha, INFO AND FREE MEDIA    » Dipset Biography
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   » Related Artists:  50 cent


  It has been almost two years since the Diplomats Diplomatic Immunity detonated and exploded onto the hip-hop music scene. With tracks like "Oh Boy" and "Hey Ma" turned Cam'ron, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana were turned into household names. Not only did they become overnight trendsetters with the inception of masculine pink in hoods across America, their own street lingo and the official Diplomats Sizzurp liquor, but they also put Harlem U.S.A. back on the map with avengence.

   After Cam'ron signed a solo deal with Roc-a-fella Records in 2002, Diplomat Records was created, which is under several different labels, including Def Jam (Juelz Santana), Koch Records (Hell Rell, Jim Jones, & J.R. Writer), Warner Bros Records (Katt Williams), and Asylum Records (Duke, Cam, Jim Jones). With Cam feeling like a proud parent his Diplomat Records soon gave birth to the Diplomats, a rap movement that was intended to re-route the path hip-hop music was taking. Original members of The Diplomats included Jim Jones, Cam'ron, and Freakey Zeekey. Shortly thereafter Juelz Santana was brought into the mix to make what could be seen as an unstoppable force in hip-hop. The Diplomats sound quickly spread from New York City, to across the USA, to international giving center stage back to the sixth borough, Harlem. The group is recognized for its hardcore lyrics, anthemic sample-based production, and steadily growing roster of members and affiliates.

   On October 19, 2004, 'Diplomatic Immunity 2' was dropped on the world with newly recruited Dipset soldiers; JR Writer, Hell Rell, 40 Cal, and Jha Jha all addding their individual take and style to the Diplomats. OG members Cam'ron, Juelz Santana and Jim Jones remind fans why they became fans in the first place. While the prominent production on the first LP was done by the Heatmakerz, who also make four appearances on Diplomatic Immunity 2, the Diplomats also added underground fire from producers like Skitzo, Develop and Stay Getting Productions to the roster, to name a few.

   The original members of this Dipset revolution are all natives of Harlem, Manhattan, but the newly added members come from many realms of hip-hop genres. The first lady of the Diplomats, Jha Jha, is a Miami native. Although Jha Jha's flow stems from southern influence she is no stranger to what the streets in other cities like New York, Chicago and Detroit want to hear. Being the only female of the Diplomats is a challenge that Jha Jha takes on full force, "I bring a little sexy twist to the Diplomats" says Jha Jha. Check out track #6 "Get From Around Me" on the Diplomats second LP Diplomatic Immunity 2, to hear an example of Jha Jha's rugged flow. Jha Jha made her official video debut in the Jim Jones video 'What You Been Drankin On?'. The lavish promo was shot on location in her home city of Miami and also features Paul Wall and P.Diddy. Not only does Jha Jha get plenty of shine in the video, she is also credited as being the main writer of this infectious track, and Jim Jones has nothing but praise for his young protege stating, "She is destined to go straight to the top. Jha Jha shes one of the most incredible artists that I know, male or female. She just knows music. I really believe in her sound and her music. I follow her lead. She gave me the single, What You Been Drankin On? and Puffy just jumped on the record. So that goes to show you the type of artist she is."

   Bronx native, JR Writer's one-on-one demeanor and his on-camera and stage presence resemble no-one in the game before him. JR Writer's flow quickly grabs the attention of a listener and his clever lyrics are always a nice surprise. He has made appearances on underground mixtapes with the Diplomats on songs like "Shake" with Cam'ron but this time around he gets an entire track to confirm his lyrical skills. His tracks on the Diplomats second LP 'Diplomatic Immunity 2' gives the spotlight to JR Writer as he secures his spot as a prominent member of the Diplomats. JR Writer brings a strong, silent-type, personality to the Diplomats, which leaves plenty of room for true lyrical maximizing.

   Hell Rell has a little more experience with the Diplomats then the other 'additional' member's do. He was down when the Diplomats first started. Now Hell Rell is ready to expose his lyrical expertise and streetwise mind. Although the streets taught Hell Rell the in's and out's of making money he has transferred that energy into the recording studio. An nice example of his energy transfer is Track #6 "Wouldn't you like to be a gangsta too?" on 'Diplomatic Immunity 2'. Hell Rell explains what he brings to the Diplomats, "Öyou know I'm from the bottom so Im bringing that bottom music back to the game".

   Next on the roster is '40Cal' who seems to cater the younger crowd. 40Cal spits alongside Jim Jones on tracks previously released on underground mix tapes. On their release Diplomatic Immunity 2, 40Cal does his thing on Track #10, "40 Shots". Like the other new Dipset recruits beside him he firmly establishes his credibility in the group. He even still takes the time to sharpen his skills by taking part in battles. In his own words he defines his role saying, "40Cal aint nothin' to be fucked with."

   Finally is President of Diplomatic Records Freekey Zekey. Freekey understands what it takes to succeed. Guidance from a strong family upbringing laid the foundation at his path. His voice is heard from the street corners to mix tapes, Cam'ron and Diplomat albums to classroom and schoolyards all of which the hood takes notice to. Radio stations are where Freekey began to make his presence felt.

   Freekey is known as "The Skit Master", which also triggered his motivation to make his album which was brought to an abrupt halt, due to becoming a victim in a robbery attempt which brought up old charges which he was on. He was convicted to 35 to 42 months in February 04 in North Carolina. He will hit the streets in late 2006 to give his people the long anticipated album he was planning to drop before been 'held up'. Freekey wears outrageous costumes to grab the audience attention, along with wired hair and stylish clothing and numerous tattoos, these are his way of expressing himself. Educated through both the streets and school he knows what it takes to get things started. Freeky's business savvy mind is how a deal came about. With several money making ideas flowing, Freekey knew the entertainment industry was his calling. He put forth huge amounts of time to bring his dream to reality. Freekey takes heed to the Diplomatic ways, knowing the streets are always talking but at the same time he is always listening, with his ears to the streets, eyes on the paper nothing gets past him.

   Although their grandstand approach is often overshadowed by their "underdog" status, the Diplomats know what style of music they want to release. The Diplomats pasts combined with their futures make the ingredients needed for their hardcore lyrics and anthem type beats. Though the first two volumes of Diplomatic Immunity, released in 2003 and 2004, did well commercially, they've also made a fortune off a series of underground mixtapes, some of which have received wide distribution via Koch Records.



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