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DMX Vs Ja Rule
  This beef is similar to the beef that was the most fatal of all, the 2pac and Biggie Smalls beef, in the way thta these two rappers are former friends, and were both, at one point, at the top of the rap game. But still the two artists seem to be cowering in the shadow that is 2pac and Biggies shadow over the rap game, even after their tragic deaths! The DMX vs Ja Rule beef began just after Irv Gotti signed both artists to Def Jam in the late ’90s. When their deep, growl-based vocals drew numerous comparisons, sparks quickly began to fly. That nigga D, claims that Ja stole his style in which he delivers, a sort of gravely/growl raps, and Ja feels like D's just hatin' cuz he's a success and DMX aint yet! However their is another theory, this is that it all popped of in a club, basically Ja was told X was in the club, and he sent one of his men to ask DMX to go talk to him and shake his hand, DMX been the cocky person he is responded to this along the lines of, "WHAT??, who the fuck does he think he is, he wana meet me, he comes to me!". This has never been confirmed though so i dont know if their is any truth in this theory!

  On August 2002 Irv Gotti sounded off on the news that DMX is upset at Ja Rule. Irv said in an interview on a San Franscisco radio station, "What's going on is DMX is totally 100% in the wrong." Irv pointed out several Ja songs that DMX never would have made and asked, "What the heck is he talkin' about?" Irv let DMX get his digs in to "dig his own grave." He does admit that 'Holla Holla' "does sound like DMX, but the rest of his whole career, none of his records sound nothing like you dog." He's sayin' DMX is jealous 'cause his last album, 'The Great Depression' didn't sell well. Gotti also took shots at X and Jay-Z for doin' nothing for him even though he's done a lot for both of them. DMX has growled back to the New York Daily News following Irv Gotti's comments on San Francisco's KMEL-FM saying that X was doing his Ja Rule diss track because he was "a tad jealous". "Gotti could have had the balls to talk to me," DMX fumed. "He's my friend. That's fucked up. I've been trying to holla at him for a minute and he hasn't called back. Oh shit. That's crazy." DMX says he's already recorded the 'Ruled Out' single, but isn't sure when he'll release it. On Power 105, DMX claimed that Ja was not only his hype man, but that Alicia Keys could “bust his ass,”. Both artists, Ja and DMX, repeatedly have a war of words on various radio stations, resulting in various comments which make us presume the rappers may take matters into their own hands, which may contain guns!

  On 23rd August 2002 JA Rule dissed DMX... again; this time during a early morning phone interview with radio personality Big Boy at Los Angeles radio station Power 106 The Beat. When questioned about his former friend DMX, JA maintained that the only reason DMX was trying to battle was because he had nothing better to do. He said when DMX started making some hit records he might pay attention, but right now battle rapping is "beneath" him. Ja Rule called to New York's Hot 97 to answer to DMX's recent interview on DJ Kay Slay's radio show. DMX has called Ja, his former "hypeman" on the late night mix show, which was hosted by Foxy Brown. "The Crack man is calling up talking shit. I was really enraged," Ja said alluding to speculation that DMX spent time in a rehab for crack cocaine. "This n*gga right here is out of line - Crack man X." Ja said the X's jealously was a byproduct of his multi-platinum success and that his label mate's stock appeared to be dwindling. "He can't fuck with me and its hurting him right now that I am bigger than him. I'm bigger than him and he's mad." "The reason [for his jealous] is he is a bitch and that's what bitches do," Ja said getting increasingly upset. The rapper then suggested that the beef could escalate beyond mere words and lyrical exchanges. "I'm a give him what he wants. However you wanna do it - don't close the street option," he said. He continued saying that he would battle DMX in any way, shape and form - including street warfare or lyrical.

  At the end of the brief interview, he said he was tired of all the comparisons between him, DMX and the late Tupac. "Ya'll wanna see Pac come back? Well, here it is niggas," Ja said and then hung up. Later in the afternoon, Irv Gotti weighed in on Ja's on-air rant from Cleveland. Below are excerpts from that conversation with Sunny of Hot 97.

   "[DMX] keeps smacking him in the face and the guy is being gracious, because [Ja] has somebody like me saying, "Just leave it alone. [But] he keeps getting smacked in the face over a period of time, its going to be one smack that he can't take."

"I am DMX," Gotti said citing his instrumental role in getting DMX his deal with Def Jam, a role in the movie "Belly," and national media exposure. "The guy was a great friend of mine."

"We all making money here so I don't think money is a question here," Gotti said, "The question is, [there is] a dude being a scumbag and a dude being a good dude. The truth of the matter is he is out of line."

"X, if you are listening, check yourself. Look around you, X, and you are going to see something around you that's real eerie. Everybody that came up with you, none of these n*ggas is around you right now. You just got a bunch of yes men. Its nothing real around you. Where's Uncle Ray, dog, you done fired Uncle Ray? You done fired your real n*ggas and let them go. Check yourself dog. Look in the mirror. Don't even look at Ja. Look at the man in the mirror and get your sh*t together first.

"Murder Inc is a peaceful label. We don't want a problem with anybody, but if you guys want a problem 'OK now you's can't leave now," Irv Gotti concluded alluding to a scene in the gangster flick, "A Bronx Tale."

  Again in 2002 DMX released a freestyle on a Kay Slay mixtape the song titled, "They Want War", is just a straight diss of Ja, this is the track were X says even alicia keys could beat tha shit out of Ja, LOL, see below for the lyrics for this diss track and Ja's replies! DMX alleged that Ja Rule got ex'ed up and had sex with his a hairdresser/make up artist, which lead to the infamous skit on 50 Cent's Back Down, basically he claimed Ja was homosexual. He related to this in his lyrics in "Where Da Hood At?", these lyrics are below!

  Ja-Rule addressed the issue of this and all previous comments on his cd "The Last Temptation" by responding with an interview over the phone which was placed as the intro on his cd. Ja Rule called him the biggest pussy in the game today !!!!

TALE OF THE MIXTAPES: An oral history of DMX and Ja’s lyrical feud

DMX, They Want War: “Ya'll remember the first time we rocked soundstage, When the world was ready to let the dog out the cage / Covered the whole crowd rocking from here to there, All you said was throw your hands in the air!!! You was a hype man nigga...(What) I started you dude, You have bitches part of your crew that's harder than you. Let me tell you what niggaz in jail say across that table, that you are the cutest bitch on your label, Only records you got are the ones you signing on (la la la la), Never been to jail, never had a block you were slanging on, we all rode with killers just think, but you comeon dawg the only thing you murder was inc, You gots to watch the shit you say to niggaz, sitting over there smiling but pussy I don't play with niggaz, I'm about to make you a fukking believer, Next time send a man in your place because I don't battle divas, Times up what the fuck, that's the verdict, cat spit some weak shit, dog done heard it, thats the best you can come up with, fukking faggot, I'ma bout to run up quick, run up (kay slay's loud voice), All niggas think you trash (Can't really make out it because of kay), but I got 50 that says Alicia Keys will bust your ass, what you about a buck 5, buck 6, I'm coming right for you nigga, can't duck this, Me jealous for what? You don't even know..., The way you be running around dancing in bitches videos”
DMX, They Want War: “Used to be my dog, you was in my left titty. Screamed ryde or die thought you would die with me, Found out you a bitch, you can't even ryde with me, Now there's a war and you ain't on the side with me ”
DMX, Where Da Hood At?: “Man, cats don't know what it's gonna be, Fuckin with a nigga like me, D-to-the-M-to-the-X, Last I heard, y'all niggaz was havin sex, with the SAME sex, I show no love, to homo thugs, Empty out, reloaded and throw more slugs, How you gonna explain fuckin a man?, Even if we squashed the beef, I ain't touchin ya hand, I don't buck with chumps, for those to been to jail, That's the cat with the Kool-Aid on his lips and pumps, I don't fuck with niggaz that think they broads, Only know how to be ONE WAY, that's the dog, I know how to get down, know how to BITE, Bark very little, but I know HOW TO FIGHT, I know how to chase a cat up in the tree, MAN, I GIVE Y'ALL NIGGAZ THE B'INESS FOR FUCKIN WIT ME, IS YOU CRAZY?!?.”



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