ARTIST(s):        DMX
SONG TITLE:      One More Road To Cross
ALBUM:              And There Was X
BY:                      Loenatic(rifhat)*

Uhh.. this is life (this is life) 
This is what I know (this what I know) 
So to me (so to me) this is life (this is life) 
[Chorus: DMX (repeat 2X)]
One more road to cross 
One more risk to take 
Gotta live my life 
like there's one more move to make 
I'm up at like 6 AM, to check this nigga 
He work the nightshift, and I gots to check them figures 
Knock on his door, peoples talkin bout, "He ain't there," 
but the house is packed, shit I know he here somewhere 
See money get high, I don't knock what a nigga do to get by 
Just make sure you gettin by don't FUCK with you gettin mine 
Ain't the first time he ran off, shoulda split his shit then 
Hate to think of what he's did and if I catch him slippin 
won't be an ass-whippin, I can tell you that 
I keep it real with this cat, he go and sell two packs 
and run off (damn) tell me, he was locked down, up North 
and you out a week later? That's bullshit! 
I bust off, I need this dough 
Fuck you think I'm here for my health? 
I need this wealth, because I feed myself 
You play with my life, when you play with my money 
Playin around but this'll be the last time you think somethin's funny 
Yo, I've been casin the liquor store, for a month now 
with me and two other niggaz, is about to run up in there and shut it down 
I got four people on the inside, one stay in the back 
Two stock boys, one at the register but he count the stacks 
Aight bitch, put on the ski mask, make sure that when we ask 
for the dough they know that we takin all three bags 
Now see that? You gotta hero, shoot that nigga 
Matter of fact, you hit the back, I'll put two in that nigga 
Hardhead motherfuckers always get it 
I told him what would happen if he moved the nigga moved so I did it 
Did you get it? I asked my man as he was comin from the back 
Nigga opened his mouth said nothin and fell out flat 
This cat come out spittin, hittin my mans, his mans 
Couldn't control what was in his hands 
I'm hit, damn! I bust back, and got the fuck up out of there 
Didn't get a dime, but at least I got up out of there 
Aiyyo I see it, try to avoid it, but it comes 
That's how it's goin in the slums over crumbs 
Somethin little becomes somethin major 
Niggaz gettin blown up like a pager 
Ear to ear with the razor, pour out my soul 
Took control of hurt, why must Earl Simmons, swim in dirt? 
I'm gon' make it work, twenty-eight and tryin to get, baptized 
Priest cannot touch me cause he said I gave him bad vibes 
Ryde, when I Die, straight down, but I'm plottin 
We all gots to go but who wants to be forgotten? 
I'ma leave a mark, and it won't be the mark of the devil 
Throw dirt and may your hands burn when you touch the shovel 
The level of animosity is stoppin me from thrivin 
FUCK what them niggaz is talkin about, I'm survivin 
Alive and goin through it, but I made my bed 
So now it's in these flames that I, lay my head 
[Chorus 2X]