ARTIST(s): Bizzare  
ALBUM: Hannicap Circus  
[ Chorus - Bizarre ] 
I'm ripped, I'm on an acid trip 
My DJ's in a coma for lettin' the record skip 
Lettin' the record skip 
Lettin' the record skip 
Lettin' the record skip 
[ Verse 1 - Bizarre ] 
Foul, sick, son of a bitch 
Say shit 3 times in a row like I don't give a shit 
Goddamn it son of an ass 
Ladies and gentleman Bizarre's a dumb ass 
Sayin' cuss words like Too Short 
Eatin' pork of all sorts in the middle of New York 
Beatin' my meat, watchin' Sesame Street 
Fuck a sheet, I'll bust in my little niece 
She's so sweet, a 6 year old freak 
Who want me to bust right between her ass cheeks 
You ever met a guy with cancer who refused chemo 
Call a doctor a homo and do a 2 week promo 
That's me, a fucking gee 
I'll prolly be dead before the end of this cd 
MVD, I prolly caught it 
Crack in your neighborhood, I prolly brought it 
[ Chorus ] x 2 
[ Verse 2 - Young Miles ] 
Yeah when this hennessy get into me 
Man I talk shit until I lose my mind like Kennedy 
The bottom line, I ain't feelin' your ass 
So when the pumps to your car, it ain't to fill it with gas 
Its Young Miles, I'm the boss of the crime 
You don't know another nigga thats as hard as I 
Clap a nigga in his ride then a toss the nine 
I'm at your wake with a bomb, now your coffin flyin' 
You tryna say I ain't the best that's reppin' 
Man you got it fuck up like sex in heaven 
And I can gun you down, I don't fuck around 
I have you sleepin' up underground 
So when your boy load the ??? and the pipe 
Bitch niggas better run like they scared for they life 
And when I pop the thang 
Even the niggas in the crowd catch shots like a hockey game 
[ Chorus ] x 2 
[ Verse 3 - Bizarre ] 
I'm a grown ass man, its an upset Usher fan 
To rub his back and put on his head band 
Mid-twenties, still workin' at Wendy's 
Sniffin' coke with my girlfriend Kimmy 
Fuck a cup, I'll piss in your butt 
Tell my grandfather shut the fuck up 
While I piss in his butt 
Can't be around kids, my brains is splattered 
I ain't readin' books, I'm feelin' on pampers 
Bizarre don't give a shit, fuckin' a bitch 86 
[He just told ya he don't give a shit] 
My grandmother 86 and my grandfather would nut in his butt 
I'm a goddamned nut