ARTIST(s): Bizzare  
ALBUM: Hannicap Circus  
[ Swifty McVay ] 
Ha, my .44 be givin' lyposuctions, I blow a hole through your stomache open it 
You be spillin' your own guts 
I'm a mad man, a walkin' trash can 
You'll get beat with my barehands, fuck a last chance 
A mac milly to slap you silly 
The epitemy of what really could be the definition of misery 
I'm never missin', I'm hittin' it, I'll murder ???, 
Curbs thumpin' and puncturin' kidneys 
And put on a nigga on Ripleys, bitches I ain't workin', 
I'm on sick leave, I'll take your ability to breathe 
And what that nigga need is a milimeter to eat 
And have him kissin' on milipedes or in the street 
[ Bizarre ] 
In a fight, I'm first to throw a brick 
First to load the clip, first to talk shit 
But the last one to split if shit get thick 
Stupid bitch get hit with the four fifth 
I'm an ex-con who fought in Vietnam 
Every night I'm thinkin' about a bomb 
My dicks so many places, all I do is laugh 
Big hoes, fat hoes, even baby giraffes 
I'm on Fear Factor, eatin' worms and brocolli 
Tomatoe, mustard mixed with guatamocli 
Started a group with Flava Flav, the funny pack 
I DJ and scratch while he smoke crack 
[ Chorus - Mr. Porter ] 
Now who want with US, please don't forget THAT 
If you don't give it UP, we takin' it 
Cause we don't want ya'll to get twisted at all 
D12 don't give a fuck about nothin' at all 
Now who fuckin' with US, please don't forget THAT 
If you don't give it UP, we takin' it BACK 
And we don't want ya'll to get twisted at all 
D12 don't give a fuck about nothin' at all 
[ Kuniva ] 
I'm sure your mama told you nigga that drugs kill 
If karma doesn't catch up with you then slugs will 
Now everybody sayin' they real and they hug steel 
Till they find 'em layin' dead in his tub with blood spilled 
All over the floor, to carpet to wall, I'm talkin' to ya'll 
You can call your peoples my nigga I'm sparkin' 'em all 
You barkin' at dogs that's bitin' for real 
Starvin' and fightin' for meals, Bizarre got vicadon pills 
Swift and Denaun ain't likely to chill, they hot headed 
You a bitch, yea I said it, I'll bet if God let it 
Happen then its over, Kuniva is outta his will 
I just shot up his crib and knocked the snot outta his kid 
[ Kon Artis ] 
Mr. Porter, Brigade, sideways till the next life 
You in the way and you subject to be one with this knife 
I'll clear up a bitch sight, straight lasic surgery 
Ya'll run to the murder scene with an aching urvecy 
Yeah I'm nice, courtesly escourt you to the infurmery 
7 mile, Runyon Ave. till they straight up bury me 
You expect us to believe that you'll scrap at any cost 
When you ??? the fuck a 44 dog you lost 
And I ain't talkin' bout the dog you lost 
I'm talkin' bout a fuckin' puppy when I'm sayin' by the dog he lost 
I scatter cries when I'm haulin' off 
Mozeltauff a nigga across the head with a bottle of scotch 
[ Chorus ] 
[ Proof ] 
Whoever said scrappin' isn't a sport, got me an' Bizzy in court 
Shadow boxin' an invisible assault 
Proof can give it to you raw like ODB 
Homie please, who better than DTweeze and Obie T 
Phony gees, walkin' and talkin', never cockin' a cork gun, 
Mikauli Caulkin, actors, we drop 'em in coffins 
When my mag speak, you ??? ??? 
Tatted from your neck to your ass cheek 
And actually, we're murderous wrote my glock weeded 
Your life is like fat people legs its not needed 
See how high P is, steamin' in the snow like how pee is 
D12 we got this, biaaaatch 
[ Chorus ] 
*Kon Artis singing*