SONG TITLE: Ghetto Music 
ALBUM: Hannicap Circus  
[ Verse 1 - Bizarre ] 
Wakin' up lookin' for a bag of herb 
Smokin', drinkin' all on the curb 
Christmas trees, ???, all types of ??? 
Meds, hydro even ??? 
I don't rap for weed 
Freestyles, hooks whatever you need 
Come to my house we can go to G room 
Smoke some shrooms and look up at the moon 
Take off your shoes, relax your feet 
While I roll some ??? and the Fat's beat 
Cookies and brownies, whatever you wanna eat 
You know Bizarre, he be lovin' some sweets 
I smoke so much my shit is green 
Next week it'll be all clean 
Bizarre's in the back, 84 Lac 
Poppin' some pills (??) listenin' to ??? Mac 
[ Chorus - King Gordy ] x 2 
Ya'll wanna get high (get high) 
And listen to music (listen to music) 
Some of that good old Hip Hop (Hip Hop) 
Ghetto music (ghetto music) 
[ Verse 2 - Swifty McVay ] 
I'm from Detroit bitch where nothin' is splendid 
I roll shit and light up trees like the month of December 
I'm in the kitchen smilin', cookin' brownies 
??? Long Island, allow me to finish this off with a vallum 
Now we, ??? zombies gettin' in touch with Hip Hop and R&B; 
Laughin' at shit around me, you overstep your boundaries 
I ain't slappin' your hand, you tryna snatch my gans 
I'm in the casino slangin' vicodine, cloudy 
What can you say a nigga thats slick, old dust and Saudi 
Arabia and I can ??? I'll be smoky as a kettle black 
If you ain't Clinton, you inhalin' that 
So I'ma force you to smoke for the hell of it 
[ Chorus ] x 2 
[ Verse 3 - ] 
I love to see the homie cliqued up, fist up 
Cackies on, sag, bandanna, rags twist up 
Hood pry, unified, gees up, ride or die 
Livin' by the code of the street, an eye for an eye 
Graffiti on the wall, ghetto life 
Homies hangin' at the pool hall out on the block shootin' dice 
Every set of push ups is for my locked up comrads 
And for the ones we lost during combat 
Pourin' out kanyak, on the concrete 
Where the junkies sleep, little kids runnin' the street 
My life is full of pain, but its positive still 
Now that I'm ??? to the game, I'm harder to kill 
Ghetto waterfalls comin' from the ??? 
??? out the cars lil homie, you the cards lil homie 
Yes you are lil homie, we all stars lil homie 
[ Chorus ] x 2