ARTIST(s):      Eminem feat. Obie Trice
ALBUM:            Eminem Show
[Eminem] Obie.. yo
 [Trice] {*coughing*} I'm sick
[Eminem] Damn, you straight dog?
That's why I ain't got no time
for these games and stupid tricks
or these bitches on my dick
That's how dudes be gettin sick
That's how dicks be gettin drips
Fallin victims to this shit
from these bitches on our dicks
Fuckin chickens with no ribs
That's why I ain't got no time...
[Obie Trice]
Yo; I woke up fucked up off the liquor I drunk
I had a bag of the skunk won in last nights Tunk
Pussy residue was on my penis, Denise from the cleaners
fucked me good, you shoulda seen this
Big booty bitch, switch unbearable
French roll stylin, body like a stallion
Sizin up the figure while my shit gettin bigger
Debatin on a fuck or do I want to be her nigga
Caressin this bitch, plus I'm checkin out them tits
Sippin on that fine shit I ain't used to buyin
I gotta hit it from behind, it's mandatory
like takin hoe's money, but that's another story
For surely, the pussy on toast
After we toast her clothes fell like Bishop in +Juice+
The womb beater, clean pussy eater
Insertin my jock in that spot hotter than the hottest block
"Don't stop!!" Response I got when I was knockin it
Clock steady tickin, kinky finger lickin
and can on, semen's at my tip when she moans
I gotta slow down before I cum soon
And work that nigga, like a slave owner
When I dropped off my outfit, she knew I wanted to bone her
She foamin at the lips, the one between the hips
Pubic hairs lookin like some sour cream dip
without the nacho, my dick hit the spot though
Pussy tighter than conditions of us black folks
We in the final stretch, the last part of sex
I bust a FAT-ASS nut, then I woke up next
like what the fuck is goin on here? This bitch evaporated
Pussy and all just picked up and vacated
Now I'm frustrated cause my dick was unprotected
And Dr. Wesley, tellin me I really got that shit
Now I don't wanna hit no woman but this chick's got it comin
Someone better get this bitch 'fore she gets kicked in the stomach
and she's pregnant, but she's eggin me on
Beggin me to throw her off the steps of this porch
My only weapon is force
And I don't wanna resort to any violence of any sort
But what's she shovin me for? Doesn't she love me no more?
Wasn't she huggin me four minutes ago at the door?
Man, I'm this close to goin toe-to-toe with this whore
What would you do if she was tellin you she wants a divorce?
She's havin another baby of the month, and it's yours
And you find out it isn't cause this bitch has been visitin someone else
and suckin his dick and kissin you on the lips when you get back
to Michigan, now the plot is thickenin worse
Cause you feel like you've been stickin your fuckin dick in a hearse
So you paranoid at every little cold that you get
Ever since they told you this shit, you've been holdin your dick
So you go to the clinic, sweatin every minute you in it
Then the doctor comes out lookin like Dennis the Menace
and it's obvious to everyone in the lobby it's AIDS
He ain't even gotta call you in his office to say it
So you jet back home, because you gon' GET that hoe
When you SEE her, you gon' bend her fuckin NECK BACK YO
Cause you love her, you never would expect that blow
Obie told you the scoop, how could she stoop that low?
Jesus, I don't believe this, bitch works at the cleaners
Bringin me home diseases, swingin from Obie's penis
She's so deceivin, shit this hoe's a genius
She G'd us..
[Eminem] I'm busy
 [Trice] Yeah, fuck these bitches
[Eminem] Fuck 'em all
 [Trice] Get money.. Shady Records.. Obie Trice
 [Trice] Eminem motherfucker
 [Trice] New millenium shit
 [Trice] Yeah.. turn this shit off
 [Trice] Turn this shit the fuck..