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Fat Joe Vs 50 Cent
  Fat Joe was another suprising casualty of 50 Cent's 'Piggy Bank' track which featured on the 50 Cent's album, 'The Massacre'. Fat Joe was dissed lyrically along with Jadakiss and rapper Nas among others. On the track 50 aims these lines at Fat Joe: "that fat nigga thought 'Lean Back' was 'in the club', My shit sold 11 mill, his shit was a dud."

  Fat Joe first commented on the track saying in an interview: "I really don't care what [50 Cent] thinks," Fat Joe said, "I'm not the battle rap type. I just think he's gone crazy. Ja Rule has been a friend of mine since before him and 50 got into a problem. I've been working with him, so he [targeted me] because I'm supporting him." 50 Cent and Ja Rule have been feuding since the release of 50 Cent's debut album, Get Rich Or Die Trying. Although, Joe has continued to support Ja Rule, the rapper has never felt the need to get involved in the beef between the two rivals.

  "Although I'm Ja Rule's friend, Ja Rule has never told me, 'yo, let's get 'em together,'" says Joe. "I've never been involved with that, so it's really weird that [50 Cent] would be coming at me, but I guess the guy feels he needs this type of hype whenever he comes out with his album or whatever and how more credible could you be then disrespecting Fat Joe?"

  Fat Joe replied with 'My Fofo', also known as 'Fuck 50', which is a complete track dedicated to slaying 50 cent. Fat Joe didnt stop there however as he also teamed up on a track with Jadakiss, who was also dissed by 50 in the 'Piggy Bank' song!

  However this beef between Fat Joe and 50 cent/G-Unit reached headlines all over the world on the 'MTV Video Music Awards' show in mid 2005. After presenting an award to Missy Elliott, Fat Joe ended by saying: “I just wanna say how safe I feel in here tonight with all of this police presence courtesy of G-Unit.” A short time later after performing a medley including "Disco Inferno," Outta Control" featuring Mobb Deep, and "So Seductive" with Tony Yayo, 50 shouted several obscenities while on-air at Fat Joe, such as "Fuck Joe," "Fat Joe’s a pussy," and others which were bleeped out. Unfortunately due to the fact that MTV censored the content, except for comment aimed at Joe, its not clear who else was targeted during 50's onstage rant.

TALE OF THE LYRICAL SLAYS: An oral history of 50 Cent and Fat Joe’s lyrical feud

50 Cent, 'Piggy Bank': “That fat nigga thought 'Lean Back' was 'in the club', My shit sold 11 mill, his shit was a dud.”
Fat Joe, 'My FoFo' aka 'Fuck 50': “He stays locked up in the house and shit/ Steroided up, and he won't come out that bitch/ Is it me or does 'Candy Shop' sound like 'Magic Stick'?/ In the video, this nigga 50 'bout to strip/ Shaking his ass, what the fuck is wrong wid this nigga”
Fat Joe, 'My FoFo' aka 'Fuck 50': “The drama really means nothin’ / To me I’ll ride by and blow ya brains out / . . . The D.A. can play this motherfuckin’ tape in court / I’ll kill you—I ain’t playin’.”
Fat Joe, 'My FoFo' aka 'Fuck 50': “Now lets take it back to Vibe awards, Where that nigga disrespected and snuffed ya boss / Minute ago all i heard was G G G Unit, 50 niggas ran and they didnt even do shit / Dats a shame...i was sittin right in the front / Waitin for ya niggas to dump / Where all the guns at and them teflon vests, We them Terror Squad boys you should know not to test us”



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