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Title: Empire

Cast: John Leguizamo, Peter Sarsgaard, Denise Richards, Vincent Laresca, Fat Joe

Released: December 6th, 2002

U.S. Box Office: $17,504,595

Summary: Victor Rosa runs a successful "street pharmaceutical" business that peddles a high-in-demand heroin mix which he has named "Empire". His beautiful fiancee, Carmen, a Baruch College student, befriends a classmate who has an an investment-banker boyfriend named Jack Wimmer. Victor meets Jack, and they instantly connect. Both are hard-core businessmen from two different sides of the legal fence. When Jack offers Victor a piece of the action on the stock market, Victor finally sees that this could be his ticket out of the violent streets of the South Bronx--and so, he jumps at the opportunity. But there is a bigger price to be paid than clean money for his gorgeous new Soho lifestyle. For the first time, Victor is confronted with a price tag that he will find very difficult to pay.


Title: Prison Song

Cast: Q-Tip, Mary J. Blige, Fat Joe, Harold Perrineau, Elvis Costello

Released: 2002

U.S. Box Office: ???

Summary: The American dream is at odds with the American justice system in this story of the deterioration of the soul of one inner-city African-American male. Raised primarily in group homes, Elijah (Q-Tip) lifts himself up through art and education. When a full college scholarship is revoked, frustration and anger takes over. Fighting with another youth in the group home, he accidentally kills the other boy. Sentenced as an adult, the stoic Elijah now attempts to free his broken spirit through art once again as he serves his 15-year-to-life sentence. Rapper Q-Tip conceived and stars in this critique on the prison system and the idea of American justice. Characters allow the audience into their thoughts by breaking into song with solemnity in a manner that could introduce a younger, more jaded audience to the musical format. Darnell Martin (I LIKE IT LIKE THAT) offers compassionate direction and supporting work is provided by Mary J. Blige, Elvis Costello, and Danny Hoch.


Title: Blazin

Cast: Michael Wehrhahn, Sascha Knopf, Fat Joe, Angie Martinez, Cuban Link

Released: 2001

U.S. Box Office: ???

Summary: Latin hip-hop stars Fat Joe, Cuban Link, Angie Martinez and Michael Wehrhan all star on this combination music, action, and drama video. Love blossoms in the unlikely setting of a nightclub called Domain, where Sam (Sasha Knopf) and Alex first encounter one another. The attempts made by Sam's mother to keep the couple apart set off a string of violent incidents that culminate in a spectacular climax. BLAZIN' captures the frenetic energy of the New York City streets and Latino neighborhoods, portraying an exciting moment in pop music history--when Latin hip-hop is about to break through to a mass market. This is thus both an important document as well as a fun piece of entertainment.


Title: Thicker Than Water - Priority Films

Cast: Mack 10, Fat Joe, Ice Cube, Mc Eiht, Big Pun, CJ Mac

Released: October 27, 1999

U.S. Box Office: $79,823

Summary: The story of rival "top dogs" from two inner-city gangs who cooperate amidst a turf war to promote their music. When DJ's mixing equipment sets on fire and a record company executive double-crosses Lonzo, the two decide to take the future into their own hands. DJ and Lonzo turn to Gator, a successful drug-lord who has left the streets and is living high in the hills of Los Angeles. For a time, their association is a success, but when someone rats to the police, the trouble begins. Meanwhile, DJ is juggling two girlfriends, Brandy and Leyla and his mother keeps urging him to go to the hospital to visit the father who abandoned him as a child. Back on the street, when a fellow gang member is killed one night, the careful allegiance that has developed between DJ and Lonzo wears thin. It takes a remarkable twist of fate to bring them back together.


Title: Urban Menace

Cast: Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe, Ice Cube, Big Pun

Released: 1999

Summary: A preacher (Mr. Dogg) seeks revenge after his family were killed and his church burnt down by a local crime syndicate in this hip-hop soaked action/horror feature. Despite its all star urban music cast, the film is a huge dissapointment and RapCentral do not recommend you buy this one, we didnt liek anything about the movie and its worldwide reviews seem to think the same as RapCentral.co.uk do aswell. All we can say is stay clear unless you are a huge fan of one of the actors, but even then only rent it!



Title: WhiteBoyz

Cast: Snoop Dogg, Danny Hoch, Fat Joe, Dead Prez, Slick Rick, Big Pun

Released: October 8, 1999

U.S. Box Office: $36,025

Summary: According to Flip Dogg, he's the "phattest," hip-hop, drug-dealing brother in town. But in reality he's a farm-bred white boy from Iowa who lives with his parents, deals baking soda in the men's room of the local nightspot and raps, rather poorly, alone in his bedroom. His two friends, James and Trevor, have also convinced themselves that they are the urban rappers they see on MTV. Their collective dream is to live in Cabrini Green, a notoriously dangerous Chicago housing project, where they would like to finance themselves by dealing drugs. However, when the trio finally make it there, reality comes crashing in and teaches them some painful life lessons.


Title: I Like It Like That

Cast: Lauren Vélez, Jon Seda, Tomas Melly, Desiree Casado, Fat Joe

Released: 1994

U.S. Box Office: ???

Summary: Lisette and husband Chino face marital difficulties. She is fed up with the kids, while he has job troubles. His mother Rosaria hates Lisette and the neighborhood tramp has designs on Chino. Things get even worse when Chino goes to jail and Lisette gets a good job uptown. Can this marriage be saved?



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