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PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2007 8:23 pm    Post subject: Punchlines Reply with quote

well since am dun wit text tournaments period, i jus decided tuh make a summary of punchlines i used in my recent battles (i left out d ones wit personals cuh u wuda had tuh known the person tuh get wut i mean), you probly seen most of dem

All you got is talk i call u an acapella

throwin down ya money only way u drop a few pounds (UK currency)

talkin bout blunts witcha pig snout you full of oinks
cuz breakin ya arm gon b the only time youll pull a joint

blockin his face ……….. modelin think hes fuckin in shape
read his raps for a diet cuz hes watchin his waste(waist)

style right in vile fights u wudn live a wild life were the zoo is housed
foolish cows i bet u treat shopping like the internet all u do is browse

oppose this bimbo expose his skin so ill put u under my bars like dem hoes in limbo
ya mus b absurd ya rusty ya nerd cuz in winter be the only time this geek closing windows

I cross all freaks u lost all heatu shuda saved some(sum) for in math
this scum sure is wack only if apple inc had a sale hed run for a mac(mack)

u ain g see wut checks u signin like retiring the only time he has tecs(text) behind him
were da vets residin watch ya ranking cuz i make weights drop like u jus begun exercising

shut up an shoo bitch i knock up ya few spits
its like a nasty hotel wen i make ya fuck up ya two wrists(tourists)

aredy kno ………. broke he neva shinin in da saddle
i bet u still cudn write checks if u was signin in a battle

come wit defiant stares i fears no man ill put a gun in a giants ear
the only projects this foo seen was the ones in da science fair

i wreck up any flow da bakery closed so dont expect any dough
cuz losin this battle only time he let the semi go (was a semi final battle)

u ain fine u take steroids so ya teeth get bigger
like collectin action dolls only way youll keep ya figure

send this fool to school i meant dat am harder
cuz he wudn get a good grade if he went to the barber

rockin out this bum hot shots i b poppin out ya mom
all this nerd got is e-clips (eclipse) like blockin out the sun

u think u large an in charge bitch ma force is kinda prudent
at a lunch table u takin more courses dan a student

ya peeps gettin roast from ya weak written boasts
this nerd mus b a bad driver cuz he keep hittin posts

slow an steady show am ready its da turtle and da hare
fatty last time u seen shape it was a circle or a square

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2007 8:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

All wack , Nova you should delete these , there trash , pure and utter useless trash , ha I'm playin good ones , couple used on me

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