ARTIST(s):      Ja Rule feat. Bobby Brown
SONG TITLE:   Thug Lovin'
ALBUM:            The Last Temptation
[Ja Rule and (Bobby Brown)]
What up, Gotti, yeah
This is how it's goin' down
(All we need is a a stage, God)
Ha-ha, yeah, yeah, yeah
(Yeah, come on, ha-ha-ha)
It's on and poppin', baby
The Last Temptation, ha-ha
He's back
Y'all know who I'm talkin' bout
Turn the world over, B. Brown
Come on, come on
[Chorus- B.Brown]
I know you're gettin' bored
Dealin' with him
I know you miss my lovin', my thuggin'
Thug Lovin' (2X)
And I know you're gettin' bored
[Ja Rule]
I know you're livin' your life faithfully, safely, away from me
But you miss bein' next to me, don't you?
Don't let her love haunt you, lust for what you wanted
Go for your guns and back out on anyone who tries to interfere
or intervene on me
Peelin' your wide body out of them tight jeans
Wrist on freeze, see it's on me
Shoes 19, comin' through in that new Bentley thing
From town to town and city to city
You and I make headlines like Lo and Diddy and Bob and Whitney
It appears the Lord sent me a down
But I'm real devilish and freak that
Forget the story, I know you're gettin' bored
And that boy ain't gettin' you horny no more, is he??
Cause when it's all said and done, it's me
Lovin', thuggin' and I know you...
And I know you're gettin' bored
[Ja Rule]
Sweet thing livin' it
Won't you let me let you live it a little bit
I know a stressful relationship is hard to deal with
But here's how to deal with it
On your weekly visits
Use a code name to protect the innocent
Maybe I'm true generous
Generally believin' that all women want me
They don't wanna get even
But who do you believe in
Is it money or God
Betrayal or trust, sustain your vows
Secretly or sacred
Cause I love it when you rock your body-body
Move your body-body
Drink up on the Bacardi
And roll up along side me
I love to see you wild and free
But occasionally you get cold wet feet
And all that it means to me is that you need my heat
Cause when it's said and done you're gonna want me
Lovin', thuggin' and I know you...
And I know you're gettin' bored
[Ja Rule]
Baby, here I'm holdin' your love hostage
The ransom for you, sugar, be priceless
Cause you been gettin' at me in many a ways
Now tell your man to watch his back and duck them strays
Cause I been in a rage lately
Hopin' God'll forgive me for all the sin and all the woman
All the drama I been in and it's just the beginnin'
I hope your watching so you could see that nigga ain't built
like me!!
But we one in the same, that's why we get along
Freak off and get it on
When we make love lookin' somethin' like soft porn
Tell me, baby, do you really wanna go home to him??
But the brightest of your days just goin' look dim
Cause you fuckin' with a loser, baby, you can't win
When it's said and done you're gonna need me
Lovin', thuggin' and I know you....
And I know you're gettin' bored
[Ja Rule- talking]
Yeah, yeah, I.G, Ja Rule
B. Brown Murder Inc.
Def Jam, Sony
This is what we buildin' here
Murder Inc.
Bobby Brown
It's that real
Rule, baby
Bring it back my, niggaz
B. Brown, ha-ha
And I know you're gettin' bored
Dealin' with him