ARTIST(s):      Ja Rule feat. Black Child, Case
SONG TITLE:   Nigguz Theme
ALBUM:            Venni Vetti Vecci
[Case] (2X)
It's plain to see
You can't change me 
Cause I'm a be a nigga for life
[Chorus: Black Child]
For life we gonna be niggaz
Fuck the world it's yours my niggaz
Load the nine and blaze my niggaz
[Ja] Yeah, cause I'm a nigga for life
[Ja Rule]
Who's that chipped out
Twenty one year old, hot commodity
Coming out of a bum deal lottery
With a flow like sodomy
Put it on your bitch ass quite properly
I suggest you keep all eyes on me
And don't sleep as it is I'm highly critique
Pussy, money, murder it's part of my mystique
You feelin me this here is one of Queens elite
Predecessor of the street
While you munch I eat
JA's here 
The nigga you love but still fear
I done been there done that
Now nigga it's my year
I can leave you on the clear view
If you ain't yet clear
Matter of fact if you breathin be glad you got air
Shut the fuck up
When grown folks are talkin you hear
Or get your shit blown baby
From mouth to ear
Don't fear when you smoke weed and fuckin your wife
Why? Cause I'm a nigga for life
[Chorus] - repeat 2X
[Ja Rule]
Spare yourself the reality of an ass whippin
What I'm givin when I be gettin tight and start flippin
On your bitch ass niggaz that like formin a cipher
Gates me hyper
Want the real I'm a slice ya
Light ya
Ass up with sixteen or more slugs
Comin from my snub nose bull dog
Raw, to the core lets lay down some laws
This is JA's house bow down or bring the war
Y'all don't want to touch what's hot
Whatever it be mic, glock, drug spot
Like a bitch you scared of life and takin chances
And right now you showin more ass then an exotic dancer
The answer is this, niggaz don't wanna touch
JA is livin stronger then a fucking coke rush
See on the streets we be killin niggaz like cash
And you heard I.N.C. nigga it's murda
[Case] (2X)
It's plain to see
You can't change me 
Cause I'm a be a nigga for life
[Ja Rule]
Nigga, I live among thoroughbreds, raised to blaze lead
If you get shot play dead and put two in his head
I'm known to pasteurize and criticize a nigga size
Look him right in the eyes and leave him dead where he lies
We come through mobbin like crips from Compton
We're all in burners and sippin on gin, fuck flossin
Nigga I'm burnin iron, and if you ain't buyin
Then you're dyin, from denyin, I'm so inspirin
To the youth, see I'm settin it straight
Lettin them know never to step on nothin less then an eighth
And the longer it takes, somebody is gonna die for it
The "Streets is Watchin'" - Jigga warned you don't ignore it
It's only niggaz holdin, go JAP and blow yen
With the six double straight out of the pen
Brandishin, steel for the ice
Hioldin my dick, talkin shit, shootin dice
A nigga for life
So whatcha sayin is
What the fuck is a nigga?
Rob a bitch, slap a bitch
All that shit
[Chorus] - repeat 2X