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   » Related Artists:  The Notorious B.I.G. (Biggie),
       Kanye West, Tupac (2Pac), Nas, Beanie Sigel,
       Cam'Ron, Prodigy of Mobb Deep


Jay Z Vs 2pac Shakur
  Not much to say really as you probably know all about this if you listen to 2pac's later music, Firstly Jay-Z started tha beef by dissing Pac on his "Reasonable Doubt" album on the song "Brooklyn's Finest." Then Tupac replyed when he dissed Jay Z on "Bomb First", a track on his "Makaveli" album. (You can read these lyrics below). This song pointed at the beef with Jay-Z coming from him sticking up for Mobb Deep. Tupac also disses Jay-Z on his later album "Until the end of time" on the song "All Out". Jay-Z replied to Tupac after 2pac's demise in 1996, which was a damn ugly and cowardly thing to do and only got him critics not fans, as all hip hop fans know that Tupac would have ripped Jay-Z apart lyrically if he was still with us.

TALE OF THE MIXTAPES: An oral history of Jay-Z and Tupac's lyrical feud

2pac "Bomb First": “Bye Bye bye lets get high and ride / Oh, how do we do these niggas but I'm not gonna cry / I'm a Bad Boy killa (killa) / Jay-Z die too / Looking out for Mobb Deep / Nigga when I find you / Weak muthafuckas don't deserve to breathe / How many niggas down to die for me / Yeah eh yayuh / West coast ridah comin right behind ya / Shoulda never fucked with me ”

2pac "All Out": “You got a lot of nerve to play me / Another gay rapper / Bustin' caps at Jay-Z / (buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck) /And still avoid capture!”

Jay Z "Brooklyn's Finest": Biggie says: “Nea Gutter had two spots / The two for five dollar hits, the blue tops / Gotta go, Coolio mean it's gettin Too Hot / If Faith had twins, she'd probably have two Pac's /Get it, Tupac's!”



Jay Z Vs Nas
  There may have been celebrated beefs involving Kool Mo Dee, Ice-T, Ll Cool J, and, of course, the infamous Tupac verses Biggie, but this was the one that set the battlefield on fire in recent years, as both of these cats are at the top of their game when they started spitting fire at each other. And they couldn’t be more respected in the hip hop community. Early on it seemed as if Jay-Z might have won this with a few spirited barbs, but Nas’ “Ether” of his massive album "Stillmatic" has become a heralded classic. This was basically a whole song dedicated to ripping fuck out of Jay Z, if you havent heard this song, then buy the album for it!!!! (Read below for a few of the best spits). And also with Nas's rapid succession of incredible albums -- two a year for the last two years, one better than the other, a double album on the way – have made him the clear winner.

  On "Stillmatic" Nas calls each person out from the Roc and also former friend Cormega. Cormega had beef with Nas and Nature after being booted out of The Firm for Nas's cousin (Nature). Cormega has fucked Nature up in person, but that was over 2 years ago. The beef was squashed and all seemed straight between the long time friends, right? But the album adresses his 'main' beef, with Jay Z, more than any other.

   Altough Jay-Z did reply on mixtapes, such as "Got myself a Gun", which is a very brave reply to such a diss track as "Ether" is, and always will be, he never really retaliated in such a way that could take the shine of Nas' "Ether", and the beef was soon after squashed with no violence involved.

TALE OF THE MIXTAPES: An oral history of Jay-Z and Nas’ lyrical feud


Jay Z "Got Myself A Gun": “You got a lot of nerve to play me / Another gay rapper / Bustin' caps at Jay-Z / (buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buck) /And still avoid capture!”



Jay Z Vs Mobb Deep
  This is just another weaker contender trying to snatch the crown from 'Hova'. This time it’s those grimy cats from the QB, Mobb Deep. Again, as respect in the game as they come. While their beef wasn’t as legendary as say Nas and JayZ it did spark some truly great moments, including Jay-Z’s unveiling of a childhood photo of Mobb’s 'Prodigy' in a tutu at the NTC Summer Jam.

  Here's the low down on this beef, at the time Nas was dropping hint bars at Memphis Bleek. Jay-Z was quiet during this, while his main front man Beanie Sigel was going to war verbally with Mobb Deep. Everybody was getting in their little freestyles on mixtapes, dropping hints at who they're beefing with but it seems the main event is yet to start. After what happened at SummerJam (a big concert held by a radio station in NY), the beef wars have crossed the line. If you didn't know, Jay-Z performed at SummerJam and disgraced Prodigy of Mobb Deep by showing pictures on big screen projectors of Prodigy at age 11 wearing a Michael Jackson studded jacket with leotards, and another one with P in a pink Tutu. Some may say "so what, he was eleven" or "people weren't born thugs" but most cats know that he was highly disrespected. You don't dig into someone's personal life, bring out some embarrassing ass photos at a concert being seen by thousands, and expect everything to be all good in the spirit of battling. Many people might question P's image of being thorough, and stop copping anything he makes, hence that man can't eat. It's ok to battle, but people take pride and money seriously. Queens and Roc-A-Fella have been beefing back and forth, but that stunt crossed the line.



Ruff Ryders Vs Rocafella
  During some months around feb 2002, you could've heard a couple of freestyles by the two artists above, (jada and beanie), on mixtapes, ripping each other. The song on Jada's album featuring DMX was a straightforward call out to Roc-A-Fella. Styles of the LOX has just came out with a song throwing jabs at Roc-A-Fella and Damon Dash. Very personal, because in the end of the song he makes it clear. "I'll still listen to your music, but there won't be any more songs. Let's do it like gangstas."



Jadakiss Vs Beanie Sigel
  Enter the Jadakiss and Beanie beef. Jada ran his mouth about people stealing his flow and saying "since everyone in Philly started sounding like him, they've been getting signed". Now I feel that's half true. Jada threw a jab at the Roc on that quote because if you inspect Roc-A-Fella's latest signed artists, all of them are from Philly. Notice, when you used to hear Philly in rap, who you thought of? Fucking Will Smith (and to some extent The Roots). Now it's like Philly is blowing up in the past 2 years since Beans got put on. When The Source asked Beanie about the comments from Jada, Sigel said "I am Philly". Beginning of personal beef 2.



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