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LABEL: Cash Money, Universal, Young Money Records

RELEASED: 10th June 2008

TOP TRACKS:  Mr. Carter, Tie My Hands, Shoot Me Down, Lollipop

RAPCENTRAL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Stars - Wayne deserves credit for doing his own thing and keeping his unique style going. This album will have itís haterís simply because itís Wayne, but if they look deeper, they will find an extremely talented rapper


  So here we are, Weezy's sixth studio album and the final album in the Carter trilogy. The man is hit and miss for a lot of people, but love him or hate him, he's doing hip hop music sales proud (going platinum in a week is an amazing feat for any artist) and has been keeping himself relevant by doing many guest spots and dropping critically-acclaimed mixtapes. Tha Carter III has the expectation of being Lil Wayne's big moment in the limelight and the big question being could the man seize the moment? The answer has to be a resounding yes!

Not being a particular fan of his music or anything, the albums lead single "Lollipop" was a breath of fresh air to me, its a club track in every sense, it's catchy, a sing-along song and one the women can shake their asses to! Taking the synthesizer from T-Pain, Weezy (already having a unique and instantly recognisable voice) uses it to full effect. The album itself is your typical hip hop affair these days, but Wayne's selection of beats and style make this album that bit better than many of his contemporaries. Lil Wayne's "Mr. Carter" track featuring Mr. Shawn Carter (aka Jay-Z) is a surprisingly good track, the beat is sweet sounding and easy on the ears, Weezy's & Jay's contrasting styles make it an interesting collaboration, both speaking on the hater's having a go at them. "Kush" is the typical getting high track, Wayne's rhymes can be simplistic at times, kush rhymes with swoosh! But this don't detract from the song, it's laid back and easy going and generally okay. The ironically named "A Milli" is a miss-step in my humble opinion, the beat is one of the poorer choices to be included, repetitive and annoying.

Anyone like T-Pain? That's what I thought, then skip "Got Money", T-Pain croons and Weezy croaks, its another club joint, sounding familiar to the million tracks T-Pain got out at the moment, although you won't mind it when you're out clubbing. It's just nothing new. "Comfortable" is a good solid track, Babyface's chorus is good and this is definitely a track for the ladies, Wayne being all sweet and sincere. Dr. Carter" is pure genius. Simply. Itís humorous and Wayneís rhyming is by far his best on the album, he is the doctor looking after some of hip hopís patients (hence Dr. Carter) and giving them advice. Itís a very clever track and a highlight of the album.

"Phone Home" wins the award of the weirdest song on this album, while having a good eerie Twilight Zone type beat (to go with Weezyís claim of being a Martian) and having a odd chorus of Wayne screaming "Phone Home" at the top of his voice just adds to the overall wackiness of the track. Robin Thicke gives assistance to Weezy on arguably one of the albums finest tracks, "Tie My Hands", Lil' Wayne is mellow and downbeat, reflecting on the trials and tribulations in his life, the acoustic guitar backed beat and Thickeís soulful chorus is fully utilized on this track to mesmerizing effect. "Mrs. Officer" is Lil Wayne back to his playful self, another track for the ladies. Itís run-of-the-mill stuff, Bobby Valentino's "Wee Ooh Wee Ooh Wee" chorus making the sound real friendly and laid back.

Lil Wayne now wants to "Let The Beat Build", notable for being Kanye West's second contribution to the album (the first being "Comfortable"). Itís soulful and like Kanyeís earlier beats. Only one problem with the song, itís too long at five minutes. Another high point on Tha Carter III is "Shoot Me Down", itís tough talking, nihilistic in itís approach, D. Smithís sombre chorus add to Wayne's downbeat approach to the track, a side to Wayne that is beginning to impress me. The less said about "La La" the better, itís just plain terrible. Wayne pines over "Playing With Fire", heís oddly delivered ever varying rhyming does not work to the best. "You Ainít Got Nuthin" with an ultra-retro beat, while sounding ok and all that, is a very ordinary track (Fabulous' & Julez Santana lend support). "DontGetIt" is Lil' Wayne's epic finale. Just short of ten minutes, Wayne bites back at his detractors (even Al Sharpton is called out) who judge his character without knowing him. It's a fitting end to the album.

Tha Carter III is not a classic album. It has itís flaws like most albums do. But it is a very well produced and rapped album. Wayne deserves credit for doing his own thing and keeping his unique style going. This album will have itís haterís simply because itís Wayne, but if they look deeper, they will find an extremely talented rapper with a very bright future in the game.

Review By: lostsoul89  

RapCentral Member Comments:

ELEPHANT MAN - 10/JULY/08: "And next time you mention pac biggie and Jay-Z, dont forget weezy baby" so says lil wayne on the track 'mr Carter' ft Jay-Z,so the question..... will weezy be mentioned in the same breath as the pacs/biggies and jiggas of this world.

In my honest opinion i would say NO but he is gaining a bigger and bigger fanbase and is on most hip hop fans lips at the moment and with albums like this its really no surprise. The thought of listening to this album filled me with a bit of dread,that annoying voice,the silly lyrics i wasnt expecting much if anything to be honest.But after listening to this album i can now say proudly and out aloud i am now a weezy fan.

The infectious 'lollipop' is exactly the type of song a quality album needs I.E. if you want a big selling album it needs a big selling single and with 'lollipop' that is exactly what you get. A lot of 'real' hip hop fans will probably say they hate this song BUT after you listen to it you cant get it out of your brain. As Tupac Shakur once famously said "you gotta rap for the bitches" and lollipop certainly will be a favourite among young ladies and clubs around the world.

Another favourite track of mine is 'A milli' which at first reminded me a wee bit of snoop doggs 'drop it like its hot' with that banging beat.Again on this track weezyd isplays his unique lyrics as only weezy can "A million here, a million there Sicilian bitch with long hair, with coke in her derriere Like smoke in the thinnest air I open the Lamborghini Hopin' them crackers see me like, "look at that bastard Weezy He's a beast he's a dog, he's a motherfuckin' problem" Okay you're a goon, but what's a goon to a goblin" A proper head banging track and weezys voice suits the crazy beat perfectly.

The legendary jay-z appears on the track 'mr carter' and in my opinion is vastly overshadowed by wayne whos flow absolutely destroys the fantastic just blaze beat,its just another case of a head banging track that will get peoples asses shaking in clubs.

Alot of people talk about wayne not being true hip hop and is just a pop rapper but i think he shows that actually hes not just a rapper but a good one at that, a perfect example of this is his lyrics on the kanye west produced 'shoot me down 'And if I jump Imma fly, and look into the eagle's eye And see I am lookin like you, why? Bitch see, it gets me how nothin' gets me, or get to me And if you shootin' for the stars, then just shoot me But your bullets dont reach mars, pause, claws Because I'm a beast, I'm a dawg, I'll get cha My picture should be in the dictionary, next to the definition of definition Because repitition is the father of learnin' and son I know your barrel burnin'

I really cant praise this album enough and cant talk about each individual track because i need to get off waynes dick lol. i highly recommend this album and people should listen to it with a unbiased view because if u like good beats that get your head bopping then this album has them a plenty and waynes lyrics have improved greatly. overall this is the album of 2008 and will sell sell sell.

wayne will never be a lyrical great but he is a rap sensation who is using what hes got to the very best of his ability.

rating: 4 / 5

top tracks: shoot me down, a milli, mr carter,

RapCentral Member Comments:

MARKB1 - 20/JULY/08: Excellent review by lost,a review by someone who obviously took the time out to listen to the album.

Id go along with everything that he said, i like every song,even phone home which sounds extremely weird on first listen. What i like about the album is its a grower,i didnt start off loving every song,there was a few i hated on first listen(lollipop), but thats the sign of a good album to me.

Ive listened to a lot of albums that ive loved on first listen,and continued to love for a while,but eventually i get bored of them. Tha carter 3 has gotten better for me,songs i wasnt sure about ive grown to love.

I dont care who says what about wayne and im not afraid to give credit when its due,and to me wayne deserves credit for delivering on the hype.

a 5/5 from me.

RapCentral Member Comments:

Clear - 21/June/08: After all the hype building up to the release of this highly anticipated release from Lil Wayne, I bring you a review to Lil Waynes Ė The Carter III! The first track 3 Peat is one of the best sounding tracks on this album as it has a great beat and Lil Wayne uses it to his advantage. This track introduces the album in a perfect way. The next track featuring Jay Z is at the same level at 3 Peat with another good beat and both rappers using it to their advantage Weezyís level drops in track 3. It doesnít sound as good as the first two tracks.

The next two tracks however sound good because they are smooth with two R&B; singers introduced (T-Pain and Babyface). Both tracks have beats of a higher tempo and the two singers voices are far better sounding than Lil Wayneís which makes the track just OK to listen to. Iím not sure why Wayne bothered making tracks 6, 7, 8 or 9 or what went through his mind when putting them on the album. They are terrible and drop in terms of quality in every way possible. They arenít good to listen to as they have terrible beats and Weezy sings over them more than raps which sounds terrible.

The next track really did amaze me. Track 10 Ė Let The Beat Build. This amazed me because Lil Wayne has somehow managed to sound worse than ever and has gone and added this track to his album which was meant to be his best ever. This is really disappointing because these tracks have been so bad. Their beats have been terrible and Weezyís voice is already bad as it is and by making his singing slow he sounds even worse. I Wonít even bother mentioning Track 11 as it is just as bad as Track 10.

The next track however is the track everybody has been playing. The single off the album and the video has been played thousands of times on TV. Lollipop has a good beat and Lil Wayne doesnít sound too bad on it. This is another of the few decent tracks on this album. Well done Weezy for putting this on the album. A series of terrible tracks continues with La La. The beat is worse than terrible and he again amazes me by making this track to start with and even putting it on his album.

Playing With Fire is a good track to listen to. He has found a decent beat to rap over. He raps like he is sad and is about to cry but it still sounds like a great track. Juelz Santana and Fabolous light up the album on Track 15. They sound good over the beat unlike Lil Wayne yet again. It is his album and he hasnít done much to make it a good album at all. He has sounded terrible throughout.

The last track is the longest track and another of the few decent tracks off the Carter III. It is smooth and has a decent beat. Weezy doesnít sound amazing but he is good enough to listen to.

Lil Wayne certainly isnít the best rapper alive as he has barely rapped on his album. Another strange factor of this album is that his lyrics are stupid. He doesnít have a meaning for most of what he says and some of his lyrics sound plain stupid. bitch swallow my words taste my thoughts/ and if its too nasty spit it back at me. Seriously? You would put this on your album?

He hasnít taken his best album seriously at all and he has made something that doesnít deserve to be in the stores. He has failed to make a good album and if I were to recommend this album I would definitely not. It is a terrible album which has not lived up to the hype in the build up. I did not like this disappointing album and I certainly am not waiting for any future releases from Lil Wayne.

Rating Ė 2.5/5

Top Tracks - 3 Peat, Comfortable, Lollipop, Playing With Fire, DonítGetIt



Lil' Wayne "Tha Carter III" Album Lyrics

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